Eternal legend drop tips

Hi, I’m asking you how where to farm eternal legend items becayse in my playtime (almost 2 weeks) I had 3 eternal Item (2 by buying in the shop and 1 by killing a mythic enemy) So is there a way to earn eternal stuff ? I already have the Eternal boundless cap that give me +50% eternal drop but doesn’t seem to change anything in the drop of eternal items. After equipped, I never dropped eternal item after around 10 hours of playtime. It seems to be really rare and also, what is the purple items ? Insaw people in ba that has purple items thatbis very powerful. And I only got one blue item (Don’t know if it’s mythic or something) after 2 weeks.

If you have nadroji ring and amulet it has affix +2 set number, and its exclusive only for nadroji ring and amulet you cant get that from any crystal, not unless you zenith highest for of mythstone, it also give you +2 set number,
If you have both +2 set numbet in ring and amulet your eternalized affix rank will increase at rank 5
At rank 5 it gives you #250% chance eternal drop rate

Purple items are mythic items. Items that have 4 slots, or you can add 4 slots to them, can be filled in with the required mythstones to complete the mythic set you want.

Elixir is the mythstone that gives the +2 set bonus (but ONLY on jewelery!!).

Nadroji will help a lot if you can get the jewelery versions of them. Also, you might try making a hunter ring (mythic) so you spawn more epic monsters at every shrine. This will speed up the mythic monster feat pretty quickly.

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Elixir is wich level ? I never got one

It is the highest mythstone. I’ve never found one either. I had to convert mine or get from the shop.

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It cost so much to convert, prefer to buy stuff and hope !

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Chance to find Eternal or Crystal legend is 1%. With Eternalized affix, each rank increases that chance by 50%. So, with All Sets+2 on two pieces of gear, Eternalized will increase the drop chance by 250%. This means that the chance for an eternal drop is 3.5%. Same goes for Crystal legends but with Crystalline affix. Crystal legends are cyan items with a cyan affix.


3.5% to get an eternal pet after 200 enslavers is insane. That’s pretty much my only goal now a days.