Eternal/legend trophy

How rare are the eternal/legend trophy’s and do you need too reach a certain rank in pvp too be able too pull them

I didn’t see the reds until the 4th tier I think it was, but others have said the can drop. Once I got to that tier they became pretty common.

What do you mean by reds? Actual legendary trophy’s or just legendary gear I’m curious cause I can make an eternal chest and I’m wondering if it’s a waste too use right now

Legendary trophies. I didn’t see them as a chest reward until, I think the legendary battle arena tier. The best one is unlocked at the eternal level, I remember seeing the message box say its now a drop. As for if the drop before that I’m not sure. This is just when I started seeing them drop.

Well its quiet rare. Out of 10 eternal chest you might get 1 As assurance. But you need to reach eternal league first before you open the chest.

Thanks for the info :smiley: glad I didn’t use that chest I’ll wait until I reach eternal league then

To get an eternal trophy you’ll need to reach at least mythic (but very rare) or eternal league (you’ll get approx 1/5 trophy)

You’ve 2 types of eternal trophies, the best so far is the bloodless one because it reduces a bit bleed dmg with clotting (and atm 90% of players are using bleed because it’s unbalanced)

The higher floor u’re opening the chest, the better will be your item (better stats rolls, higher level of eternal item, etc)

Hate to bump an old thread but at the same time hate to start a new one.

In regards to the Green Trophies. I currently have like 300 or so Orange Bags that I have been saving up to make a Green Bag. Is this a waste of time to get a Green Trophy or does Green Trophies also come from the Orange / Red Bags as well?

Thanks in advance.

Eternal chests have a 100% chance to give an eternal item, so you’re better off just to do that. Legend chests have 100% chance to give legend item. If you want a Lv 100 eternal, though, make sure you go to Floor 500.

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Thanks Skaul.

As per usual, it’s a pleasure. :smile:

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