Eternal legend with crystal affix

Has anyone here got the same item like this eternal with crystal affix and is this rare? I recently looted this but too bad its for rogues. Thinking of using jasper but the set skill would be useless. Any advices? Thanks!

Eternals with Crystal affixes are extremely rare. Why would the set be useless? It’d be worthwhile to jasper into a sword, not so much a staff. Mirror images can be spawned on any class, so it wouldn’t be useless. It’s a good weapon, unless you have something better or more suited to you.

Trickster is a very useful set. It works similar to multi attack affix. Sometimes even better because mirror images cast your main hand weapon’s special attacks too.


Oh thanks Ive never thought of that. Im sprint and smash build. Guess ill try to experiment and use this. Anyways, does mirrors have a chance to cause procs too?