Eternal Map and Eternal Pet guide - 2018

This guide may be low english, i dont speak it.
Since i started this path, i could drop 3-10 eternal map per day.

Things you need:
1-follow any farm guide you want to create your character.
2-Your character need unlock Treasured perk.
3-Your character need got +5 or higher eternalized set.
4-Look your Feats, either: Kill Carthographer or drop map, choose one or both. x-1/x.
5-Open a red (or green) map.
6-i will talk about boost at end.

When you do that, you would drop a feat red map, but now THIS map, because of the “red only quest” will got a higher chance to be a green one.


If you ONLY want a green map, try the boost: item rarity, the “monster spawn” cant buff the special map you want, it gives you a chance to got another map, but it dont have the red feats restriction - choose the item rarity for green farm maps.

THE BOOST monster spawn isnt so useless, you can do the “monster SPAWN” combo vs Enslaver red. I saw on this wiki:

1- do all 3 steps that you did before.
2- Look your Feats: kill Enslaver to got Legend Pet x-1/x and activate “monster spawn” boost.
3- open the stage 1 / mythic 3.
4- inside this STAGE 1 MYTHIC 3 open a red or green map
5- Your special stage now have 2x Carthographer and 1x Enslaver with a high chance to transform a red pet to a green one.

Thank you, my first guide, sorry my english.


English and guide sounds good to me :slight_smile: I would only add have a very speedy killer character for monster boosts

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Well done @Alanderson. Maybe ultra rare bonuses from nadroji set if looking for merlins imp

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yes, thanks!!!

In eternal pet guide I’m a bit confused with “stage 1 m3” does it mean “floor 1 m3”? Please help thanks :v:

I think thats what he means.

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Ok. Thanks @CuzegSpiked

is that.