Eternal oaken band

I’m hunting this item for past months on mythic 3 1000+. I didn’t expect that this will be drop down in floor 21. Maybe sometimes I’m gonna check out if i use challenge map T T

Congrats lol :slight_smile: Coincidentally, I had two eternal oaken bands, one as it is and the other having crushing blow yesterday and knowing me, I just convert it for ultra rare crystals.

congrats sad thing its low level but still congrats lol hahhaa

hi there! if you convert eternal to crystal?

what crystal will you get?
as what u’ve said, u converted ur oaken band.
what crystal did u got?

coz i have many legend items that i want to sell or convert.
(381floor) still farming. :slight_smile:


eternal it will be a random (legend)crystal
legend (rare)crystal
not so sure because im not playing for 3 weeks now xD

Amber through Obsidian -> ultra rare Crystal.
I believe rare Crystals encompass Kyanite to Topaz.
Everything else is self-explanatory.

I think I got an obsidian and maybe a garnet or ruby. Cant quite remember but oh well.

When you convert eternals or crystal legends you don’t want, you get ultra rare crystals from jasper to obsidian I believe.

I dont think amber can be got from it but thats fine. Amber is easily got from converting red legends and converting easy topazes.

how do you make that ring sir?

I think he made it like this:

  • Start with Cognition ring drop (wizard class) and jasper it to a warrior item.
  • Kyanite all affixes off except Push the Limit and ED%.
  • Add four sockets with Zircon, then make Hunter mythic with mythstones.
  • Add crystal Reduced CD with Obsidian, set Living Force with Amethyst, and another socket with Zircon to place Elixir mythstone for +2 All Sets.

Haha I got 3+ eternal oaken band yesterday lol. All converted into ultra rare crystals as I normally do.