Eternal or mythic?

What is good eternal item or mythic item and why?

eternal items gives you limited options to play around on differect characters.
its better to have mythic+crystal to customize your play

But if you encounter an extremely rare legend which %1/1000000 chance make use of it dude

or keep it like trophy as i sometimes do for ultra rare things i dont use. But seriously, there can be good eternals to use in a good build if you know what you need despite not being able to remove affixes or add affixes (unless its a fabled eternal). The crystal and mythic legends of course is more customisable, the same with normal legends when adding and removing crystal affix (though some affixes only found on certain legends such as ED%).

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What kind?

Eternal with cyan affix :wink:

Eternal nadroji amulet is my fave. You can make many builds using it . The ring is great but you lose a ring finger when there are so many great eternal rings with huge procs. The rest of your items you can craft from scratch.Eternal cataclysm ring and eternal nadrojI amulet together. Still need the amulet :disappointed_relieved:

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Nadroji what is that effect why is so good?

6 to all skills. 6 to all talents. 4 to all sets. Same as ring. Saves a lot of elixirs

But is it hard to obtain that nadroji?

Can be found after floor 100. But very rare. Max out fortune with hero points to start with. Have luck on items. Make sure you put all stat points into power for destructive damage to monsters. Read all guides on here. That’s how I started 7 months ago and now I’m on mythic 3 floor 1300


850 luck
Rigth is it the max