Eternal pet drop at floor 2

Just want to share this 2 eternal pet that i got back then while consuming my 5 mins free Monster Spawn Boost in floor 2 … What a pure luck in affix aswell .really suits in my pve warrior and alchemy type.

—Picture last year July. Havent post anything in forums lately coz im not active in this kind of thing and dont have an acc :smiley:




both those Pets have good Warrior affixes for some Warrior Builds. good finds!

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I got lots of eternal and legend pets on floor 2 while monster boosted but I don’t think it no longer works. The devs have tweaked it.


I cant seem to find one this days :3

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well, if the monster boost doesn’t work on floor 2 anymore to get Enslavers, it should still work on floor 21.

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still working on enslaver in floor2 … but the eternal pet drop rate is kinda nerfed idunno :3

well, Eternal Pets have the same drop rate of Eternal Items. max Luck & Eternalized Items are the way to go.

since Pets require an Enslaver to drop them, it tends to take longer to get an Eternal Pet compared to Eternal Items.

this part of the Thread is specifically for 3.0. if you read the whole Thread, there is a lot of good advice from questions being asked and answered. hope it helps you on your Eternal Pet Quest.


Good luck with your eternal pet or eternal pest hunt ( depending how lucky you are with the pets affix roll.).

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Can I have two pets? There are two different pet slots on my character? Also @tdaniel posted to me in another thread that I should use imp as pet in the beginning (I cannot post a reply in that thread because Im new). He did said that I should use a pet on both my characters, I did not understand this? Im only using one character :slight_smile:

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Each character comes with one pet slot. So if you have two characters then each can equip one pet each. Two pets in total when playing with two characters at the same time😎

Ah, I see, I did not know I could play two characters at the same time. Is that recommended to do?
Is that the “Hireling” thing? So I need to create a new hero and unlock (purchase) a new hero slot?

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I would advise unlocking 2more character slots. One wizard, one rogue and warrior in total . It’s cheap. . After that just play and test.

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But you don’t need to make a purchase.

You’re so lucky to have two eternal pet :grin: