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use same method, externalized all the time. Sprint to the spot where it spawn only. Open all map. Last few day I got eternal pet, then continue farming on lower floor to loot low tier crystal and at the same time farm the eternal pet lvl. The day after that, as soon as I maxing the pet lvl. Still equip eternalized set as lower floor give lower chance for high rarity crystal, so I use eternalized to loot eternal item for converting. Easy high end crystal at lower floor. on 26/3 (my birthday) i got another eternal pet. 2 eternal pet in 2 day. extreme lucky, but still get trolled by RNGod, the affix, epic suck. Lol


If you don’t use challenge, total enemy rarity increase from 100 to 200 whith Nadroji bonus.
Or slave rate increased con challengers?

So, this is probably just a lucky side to my character, but I was playing on Easy difficulty for the longest time. After I switched to M1, and maxed out luck on both characters I got like 2 legend pets and an eternal Stitch all within 5 stages. I was roughly on stage 470~ when that happened.
Probably just RNGeesus smiling down upon me though.




Update: I decided to play this for another 400+ pet drops.

Of the 400 pet drops, I had 8 legend pet drops; Scout, Cerberus, Shibe, Bane, Rage, Scout, & electric fairy (cant remember name). Anyway, a majority of the legend drops occurred without using a challenge map. I still tried using my eternal and legend maps but no luck. My Nadroji is still at 7, Eternal at 6, and Luck @ 650 (Main / Hireling).

I have slowed down my play time over the past week and have done a little crafting for fun while I am waiting on 2.1. Anyway, wanted to give everyone a quick update on results since I last posted.

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Awesome! Good luck on getting 2.1 eventually :smile: . Life is so much easier in 2.1 for sure (except the huge exp grind). I only have to kill 150 enslavers to get legend pet now thanks to accomplished perk. Not only that, theres an achievement which gives a free boost from collect 5000 orbs. 3750 orbs in my case thanks to ascending though.

Then gold is extremely easier thanks to fortunate and dealer alone. Both gold and luck can get to 850% now if using fortunate.
If you do look for epiphany gears though, it raise all stat cap by 25% at (5) including gold find,luck and item drops. This means you can have new cap 812.5% gold and luck as cap and 250% item drops as well (+100% hidden item drop bonus from having hirling).
Of course with fortunate, you can get 1012.5% gold find and luck legitamely.

Legends have become so much easier because shrine enemies easier to find from enshrined and hunter, destroying 1000 (750 in my case) destructibles give at least 3+ legends, legend enemies give at least one legend (provided that they are easier to spawn) and destroying mythic enemies which are easier to spawn in 2.1 patch give at least 1 eternal as well as sometimes a bunch of legends. The higher luck does play a major factor and with item drops,especially when epiphany influences it. Then treasured makes this a real big treat for you with the easier legends spawning.

I think that higher luck could influence the dropping of legend pets too and then account treasured as well as the sets such as eternalized to help you. You can get 550% chance to find eternals which is huge! Same with crystal legends! More eternals=more collection or ultra rare crystal.
Still eternal pets will be extremely extremely hard to find despite 2.1 patch making thing easier when you get it. Good thing about this patch is you can legitamely try to get 1012.5% gold and luck find as well as 325%+ item drops (which according to my adventure page seem to be cap)
Just being able to get that much gold and luck find alone after some effort is almost like legend map affixes but can be used on any packsize map and this is all down to epiphany, max affixes for farming and fortunate to help immensely. I could get 3-5M+ gold on every packsize map with those stats and complete the gold achivement (at 3,750,000 if using accomplished) every time.

Then there are times when my entire bag gets filled with legends in one map with lots of luck and with this, I can hope for at least 1-2+ eternal or crystal items.
2.1 patch rocks!!


When 2.1 is released, which ascension do you suggest I try to accomplish first?

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I would suggest fortunate if you already have a good farming build.
850% gold find is extremely good to get you gold for other ascensions. Then dealer for more gold, Or maybe try dealer then fortunate.

With maximum item drops, you can get huge amounts of gold with dealer even with crappy gold find.

The first two ascension affixes are best for gold farming to help with future ascensions and get you to afford nearly everything.

The amount of gold people can get a day is so big compared to 2.0 patch. I used to get was probably 5m a day but now I could get 30M gold a day with 1012.5% gold find and dealer which is of course possible with epiphany (5) (the new set affix of 2.1) and fortunate combined.

Fortunate is like so much more gold than without fortunate and combined with dealer can make crazy amounts.
Don’t be surprised to see people with multi-billion gold anymore.


My farming build is top shelf. I was thinking fortunate and then dealer already so your insight is extremely helpful!!

I completed another 200 enslaver feat and only picked up a few legend pets.

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But I only have to defeat 150 enslavers thanks to accomplished. Also treasured ascend perk and eternanalized make 550% (5.5% actual chance) to find eternal legends which is huge. When I farm, sometimes I get 10+ eternals or 5:5 crystal and eternal legends ratio. There are times when I’m unlucky and only get 2 eternals but not always.
Enshrined is great for exp farming your way up and could also be a first option but gold is more important until its easy enough. Typically it should be good after choosing the 2nd perk. Hunter is damn good for lazy people who dont like the hunter mythic and 1+ more enemy spawn. Enshrined and hunter is really good for hunting down more rare legends and some bonus gold. 100k gold I gain in seconds with 1012.5% gold find and 325% item drops if I stack hunter mobs or have them with packsize.


I need to rethink my top shelf statement… I have collected 11k equipment legends yet only 1 eternal pet. I noticed when I killed the enslaver for the eternal pet, he was instantly killed. I am going to increase the power of my farmer and see if speed of kill has any influence on the eternal pet drop while I wait for 2.1 release.


Speed of kill does affect drop probability as well as stat buffs. This is very true for me. I get 3-4M or more on floors below 200 but if I try floor 500, I get significantly less gold, maybe a million less with 1012.5% gold find. Speed of skills extremely important in farming. Fortune bringer was said to be the best farm build because one character has all the farm affixes while being tanky and the hirling is pure dps. With faster kills, more fortune, hence the name fortune bringer. Emphasis on fortune. Fookies miss fortune flintlock build goes well with fortune bringer and/or green garden as well. Same case scenario for crystals. I get significantly more crystals in floors below 200 than floor 750.


I guess that is why I have been documenting hunting this critter. That makes sense to me. I had significantly cut the power back on my hireling and my main is loaded with luck, drops and gold @max. I plan to equip my hireling with the gear that kills crazy fast. Thanks again. Glad there are folks like you on the forum who can discuss and figure out problems with me. Woot Woot

Yes, I did notice I responded to myself earlier. That was a mistake so no laughing. Bwaha


Woot Woot. Finally got to start ascension last week. I probably killed ~1500 enslavers since my last post waiting to update from 2.0 to 2.2. Anyway, I picked up the critter below while working on my third ascension. It’s not wonderful but much better than the prior Imp. I encountered the enslaver a few seconds after starting the map and instant killed it. For my second observation, it appears speed to enslaver and speed of kill are correlated to getting an eternal pet. The first eternal pet had similar conditions, encountered enslaver quickly and instant killed it.

Equipped gear: Eternalized (6) & Nadroji (7)
Luck 850%
Eternal legend find rate 600%
Map (nothing special) Normal map Mythic 1 level 101


Congrats haha

Apologies for necro up this old thread. Couple of questions.

1: Does legend pets drop randomly before completing the feat?
2: Does Enslaver appears more on normal maps or challenge maps?
3: Was mentioned that Enslaver appeared mostly on the top left or right of maps. So if my start point is at the top, where would the Enslaver appear most likely?

I’m at my last ascension however manage to get only 4 legend pets and 1 eternal. All gotten through completing feats hence this explains my queries.

Greatly appreciated for any advices.

Yes, they drop randomly. They spawn independent of map type (I think). Look for open spaces. After some time you will learn where he could spawn.

Thank you for the prompt reply. From what I experience, they do spawn on the upper left or right, however I do encounter quite a number of times that they spawn in the middle of the map and even with choreographer. ( whatever the name is)

Cartographer :stuck_out_tongue: Yes, they most of the time spawn in top corners but not always. I always check the top right corner first, if starting location isn’t top right.

Also when hunting for pets try to have both eternalized set items to maximize the chance off eternal pet drop.

That’s what I did and even spam tons of legend maps and eternal maps. Guess what, all thexcited of it didn’t spawn Enslaver at all. Guess rng hates me.