Eternal Pet Hunting --> Tips and Tricks


I tend to shy away from asking for help or advice. However, after grinding for a year trying to get an eternal pet, I am at a loss. Maybe (you) others are having the same issues. I have read the other posts on eternal pets but haven’t found anything helpful.

Salient Points:
Luck/Item Drops/Gold Find: Max %s (Main/Hireling)

Gear: Eternal and nadroji gear on all the time for my main toon.
–Eternal (6): Can’t have more than 6 and on main
–Nadroji (6): I have used this at set 8 (100% chance to find rare legend) but could not tell a difference.
–Floor: Stay between 200 - 400 Mythic 3 (EP8)

-Obtained 12 eternal maps and have used several for the Enslaver Feat.
-Use legend maps when I do not have an eternal map.
-Obtained around 40+ legend pets.
-Collected 10K legends.
-380B experience on primary character.

I am looking for ANY pointer to find an eternal pet!! This is my sole focus while I wait for the 2.1 update (Amazon user). Thank you in advance for any advice or help. Maybe the random number generator for this feat is broken for me?

I want to thank the developers, testers, and DQ community for such an amazing game!!

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Still no eternal pet

i have 6 eternal pet, what i do is focus on enslaver, their location is always upper left or upper right at the map, then at the last enslaver i equip eternalized, just focus on enslaver if that is the goal, dont make some extra activities, i always spam floor 200 when im hunting enslaver hahaha


Wow you really are unlucky. I guess this means I am extremely lucky to get an eternal pet so early as a player. At that time,I used eternalized but I didn’t even have max farming affixes at the time and I was a newbie too. I still haven’t found another eternal pet though ever since I got fully maxed farming affixes.

My first ever eternal pet is a bane pet with deadly strike with quite cool affixes. Still wish I could get so many more eternal pets. On the plus side though, I got two eternal maps. One of them I completely lost and another one safe in my stasb and not being destroyed by my inventory bug which makes it exactly the same as my hirlings inventory and destroys everything and replacing them with an exact carbon copy of a hirling inventory.

Anyway, how active of a player are you? That enslaver feat plus tons of grinding and more. At least the ascensions can make it somewhat easier because treasured increase eternals/crystal legends by 200% which can be added onto the eternalized or crystalline; accomplished reduces the numbers needed to complete a feat by 25% and rounded up to whole number which explains why I defeat a mythic enemy everyday ;and ultimately, it makes enslavers feat so much easier. Fortunate is great in overall farming along with dealer and accomplished with treasured as you already know. Hunter and enshrined are extremely useful too.

I commend you for really grinding hard to try and get an eternal pet. Unfortunately, its been months and I still haven’t got a second eternal pet. What really helps is rapidly finishing floors though. I got my eternal pet without even trying which is extremely lucky as well.

Speed=power and knowledge= power and speed increases chance to get crystal/mythstone/legends/pets and anything else and you learn quicker because your gaining stuff quicker which makes the knowledge= “power and even more power with more knowledge” completely true.

It really does help to be quick and active. Every game rewards activity alot more than less activity. This game is so good and will always get better with each patch. Grinding can be grueling but thats with any game. With this game, at least it’s fair because its not PTW (pay to win) except with the miniscule 52 cent offer but thats probably not too much Also it is optional to not pay for hirling as you already know. One other thing a game likes rewarding is the speed you get things + the activity of gameplay.

Thanks for reading :). Hope that wasn’t TL:DR
If TL:DR; I commend you for your efforts and understand your pain.


Thank you so much. I will make a beeline for the Enslaver and will leave eternal gear off until I reach Enslaver. I will rinse and repeat.


Very very very active daily player. I am still playing 2.0.1 since I am an Amazon user (waiting on 2.1) so I cannot do any accensions (I can read about it though). I tend to go thru EP8 maps 200-400 between 2-3 minutes.


I read every word you wrote so no it wasn’t TLDR. I will read every post made on this topic. I guess it’s my new obsession. Bwaha


Nice. I am also very active. Not as active as some people because of school and that but I make time for myself. I am pretty active though but I have a habit of avoiding dq sometimes after a headache and taking a break to rest. I play for at least 1-4 hours in total of a day. Not straight but in total. In weekends, I have LOADS of time sometimes so I can definitely progress alot in weekends. I play dq in a public bus on school days and somewhere in bed time and play until midnight. I normally sleep at 11pm or midnight anyways so it’s not an issue most of the time. NightOwl ftw. So much better because lots of time to study if need be and make free time.

I love to look through forum like crazy and I read carefully on every single post that I read, except some posts but with mozilla firefox android version, reading is easier for some reason (maybe because of the font or placebo effect).
In weekends, I am especially more active here on forums. It is a good way ro take a break from dq if you play too long and need a break for some time.


I am obsessed and/or addicted as well. Which is why it’s driving me crazy that I cannot get an eternal pet.

Just doing the Enslaver feat should take less than one min. I will buy maps at floor 200 on EP8 and will crush them swiftly while adorning my eternal gear.


Change ,just always wear eternalize coz theres always a small chance to drop legend pet , and a small chance on eternal pet with eternalize,


That makes the most sense to me. I’ve been doing that for a very long time - my luck stinks for this feat but is awesome everywhere else. My hireling typically annihilates everything before I see it, which made it difficult to switch to eternal gear etc.

What’s sad is that I believe I had an eternal pet once but deleted it by mistake when I was selling off items in inventory. I couldn’t undo what I deleted so I will never know.


I got my eternal pet in map floor not in challenge map around 181 -200. Just try and you can have more legend pets and after killing 150 enslaver or sometime less it drop. That’s my strategy on hunting eternal pet


I haven’t thought of playing and not using a challenge map. I have been so focused on using eternal and legend maps for my 200th Enslaver kills… I will try this out as well and thank you very much for the feedback.


Just play like crazy I guess, when I play and just want focus on eternal pet, I equip eternalized set all the time coz my hireling little bit crazy once mobs spotted lol. I already loot around 150-200 legend pet, I keep 1 or 2 for each pet, the rest converted. Only have 6 eternal pet ATM. That how rare eternal pet is lol.


Good to know. I’ve been playing like crazy. Not sure how many times I’ve done the enslaver feat or how many total legend pets I’ve actually had since I’ve been playing. I’ve modified my farming style to include just going for enslaver. This is easier said than done since I’m used to covering every map in its entirety. It will probably occur the instant I am not expecting it. When/if if obtain an eternal pet, I will post.

Thank you very much for the reply. It helps to know that it’s not an easy task.


Results after three approaches:

-Luck/Item Drops Max. Gold drops very close to Max when averaged.

-Eternal gear at 6 (Max) when used.
-Nadroji gear at 8 (Max) for first method. Gear at 7 for the last two methods.

All maps played were epic level (applied larimar). I also played two legend maps - no results to report from using them. I am still playing 2.0.1 (no update for 2.1 yet since I’m an Amazon user).

  1. I did not equip eternal gear until I reached the enslaver. Played ~50 EP8 challenge maps between levels 200-250. Had one legend Imp drop (Bane). I had a lot of epic pet drops. The legend pet dropped within the first five tries of using this method (when I could see the enslaver). I think my hireling hit the Enslaver for ~1B damage = instant kill.

  2. Wore eternal gear continuously. Played ~50 EP8 challenge maps between levels 150-200. Pets were mostly magic or rare. However, I had two eternal maps drop and it was the usual 25 map feat for both.

  3. Wore eternal gear continuously and did not play challenge maps. Played ~25 levels EP8 starting at floor 150. I didn’t encounter many enslavers but most pet drops were epic. More legend items seemed to drop using this method as well.


Finally!!! Woot Woot.


Congrats. Them stats, tho.


The stats stink but I’m just glad to finally have one.


congrats man :smile:


Salient points for the eternal pet drop. I blended the three approaches and advice from above (method listed below).

I only focused on the Enslaver - nothing else. I went to usual Enslaver location(s) (Top left or top right side of map) and repeated consecutively until the drop. If the Enslaver wasn’t there I purchased another challenge map (~50k gold) and tried again. I only played rare and epic challenge maps but didn’t use larimar on any of them. A legend Stitch dropped and numerous epic pets dropped as well. Each attempt took between a few seconds to less than one minute per map.

-Rare map on Normal level (nothing special)
-Floor 200ish
-Luck Max (650)
-Drop was ‘not’ the 200 Enslaver feat.
-Nadroji set at 7 (always equipped)
-Eternal set at 6 (always equipped)

I hope my methods and explanations can help someone else obtain an eternal pet. Please let me know if you have any luck with this approach and show your drops if you get an eternal pet. I would like to know I helped everyone. I will continue this method and will post any eternal pets that drop in the future.