Eternal Pet (Luck VS RNG Troll)

Here My eternal pet, I just notice while arrange this pic in grid. I have 30+1 eternal pet, there a lot tho but still bruhhhh that affix lol.

I got mostly via random drop which definitely I’m quiet lucky, but then there are some really make me go crazy like how my triple Eternal Fauna with affix I want but have it in each different pet,

how my triple eternal shibe have trolling talent affix, what I mean is The Warrior based shibe with Hardened talent and Rogue Based shibe with darkness talent. Those talent tho is OP if it drop as wizard based pet like Hardened=Focus, Darkness=Empower. (This is actually my main reason why I suggest to allow jasper on pet lol)

Share your Pic of eternal pet, let’s see how lucky u are and how many time RNG troll u.


Forgot to add this one lol.


I only have one that is worth using my friend and it is in my current pvp build. No HP, no flat ED and no matching talent(s). I might have a shibe that is worth using but still no HP or flat ED. Yes huge troll. I seem to recall a time when pets were paired with classes… Jasper would be nice but we can see how massive the pet affix are in pvp right? That’s one nice stash. :grin:

how do i get that?? any idea to share with?

Just farm at lower floor (100-200)

Have max luck (with epiphany)
equip 2 Eternalized set (+4 all set & tresured perk)

farm as usual. loot low tier crystal. convert all eternal drop. Dont focus on Enslaver coz thinking this will only make it boring farm and sleepy lol.

watch vid if u have the chance and if it monster bonus for 5 min. instantly goes to floor 2 and fast hunt them to increase enslaver feat count to accomplish.

do it over and over again.
result will be better than just focus on enslaver. u can get more lower crystal and have more high end crystal for crafting, have chance to get legend pet or eternal if u lucky.

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Crystalline set as well Cronos?

Edit: & how much gold do you have? Just curious :smile:

Damn man, you got the baddest luck outhere. :sweat_smile:

Gold 1.2B

No crystalline. at lower floor the crystalline effect not help that much. since farming at lower floor have lower chance to get high rarity crystal so i just ignore that and just depend on converting eternal & crystal legend to gain ultra rare crystal at lower floor

You said 2 eternalised set. Do you mean to wear 2 pieces on your main? Do you run with a hireling?

Yes and yes.


I’m drooling and envious all at the same time looking at those eternal pets.

Sorry C, I understand about not getting super rare crystals on lower floors. What I meant to say is what about wearing Crystalline for the added chance of finding Crystal Legendaries on those floors?

im not craft item using drop crystal legend anymore since most of my base item for crafting have rare affix with is i cant get through ruby. It will be really really hard to enchance till both have perfect roll, so it will be much better if o give that slightly more chance to get eternal item which is my target is eternal pet.

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I truly envy that spike though

Does it make a difference to use 2 nadroji + 1 eternalize?

edit: Is normal for monsters to start raping you at floors 500+? lol

Seems no matter how much hp I try to add (3 ~ 400k), they still kill me fairly quick as warrior.

Im not use nadroji anymore so i dont know the different lol.

here are what i use on my farming build

MH: Crystalline/Eternalized
OH: Battle Mage
Armor: Faun Gift
Helm: Mythical
Ring: Eternalized
Necklace: Epiphany

For MH it depend on where i farm. if i farm at lower floor i will use lance (Eternalized) and hammer (crystalline) if i farm at high floor.

Its normal tho. My dps build can be killed at floor 1 lol. Just cap your dodge/block for survibility.

I see, okay.

I’m currently grinding myself to finish the last ascen (to lv99), then continue climbing floors lol.

wahh got trolled also… i just looted legend fairy but i :grin: t came out as a legend arcane boost slime… happy though…kekekeke

Damn im so jealous!!! Wth!!! How the heck did you get that much eternal pets! Its like eternal pets are just legends to you hahahahah rng is with you so lucky!