Eternal pet

Is there anyway to change the stats of eternal pet?

No. That’s why I prefer legend ones. Easiest way is to use kayenite to remove any affix and topaz to add until you are happy

I got 3 legend pet and one eternal but legend pets is good to be used rather than eternal but i wish there some ways to change it’s stat because it’s like super rare item i think

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Yeah. I remember when legend pet and eternal pet stats or any pet couldn’t change the affixes but those days are over. Now possible to change affix of legend pets and lower.

But legend pet is more likely to uses rather than eternal maybe if you get good eternal pet

Made a cracking legend pet for my farming apocalypse wizard .

Of course. The good eternal pet chances aren’t high or fairly low but I have gotten lucky many a times.

How many eternal pet you have me i got only one :frowning:

8 I have but only one or two I actually quite use.

Wow that nice hehe

I just 10 need pierce on this for my farmer .

Got 2 eternal.

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My farming build currently has 40 skullshield, fortune and pierce. 20 dexterity, wisdom and intelligence with hero points. 10 to command and summon. I’m trying to replace epic affixes on gear with legends. Eg explosive

Why is this category Art? Do you want Art for eternal pet drawings or something?

I’m done buying hehe

It’s very difficult to find a eternal pet with 5 good affixes…
Just the ‘eternal Merlin imp’ it’s useful for the seven deadly sins build.