Eternal Sera!

LOL Today is bad luck bug !! But Eternal Sera drop ;p



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try to partner it will arcanist you will be amaze

Can you please explain clearly and simple , i don’t understand much what Arcanist is meant and how it work. Thanks alot!

this will explain :slight_smile:

Okie thanks anyway, i will try to read hehe.

welcome mate enjoy :slight_smile:

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Greats I don’t want wasts my boosts so not farming rite now :stuck_out_tongue:

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waiting for angelic pet then use the boost :slight_smile:

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You no it ^~^

Nice Drop. I’m still trying to figure out and adapt to my new pet. Got Rain slime off the feat. The Elements set affix is like Prismatic and Mirrorcast combined. I usually cant stand Prismatic, but Im slowly starting to adapt to the mirror. Thinking about using it on my Blinkspam rogue, but not sure I can afford to lose the nice Epic affixes from my leggy pet.

Overall, im sitting on a 4m DPS Reactor and 4m DPS Skullshield. So my wiz is sitting right around 8m dps. If Not more. Teleport is a chore with Elements tho. May try and craft another Nova OH. hate the wiz OH Primaries other than tele, tho. And Manashield doesn;t play nice with Energy Resource.



Hehe thanks. Im still working on my build with Eternal Sera and try to get Arcanist affix set to go with. And I just got Eternal Bane right now and i think i was lucky guy and how does it drop on luck bug ;p

Anyway ! This Bane work well with Rogue i think. Right?

yes it will works well

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Thank you! Im lvling him on my Wizard for luck boost. LOL

i don’t care it luck bug or not, just lvling my toons lolz. But it’s was dropped and i couldn’t believe in my eyes ;p

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What the?! Where do u get these!!?? Hahah im so jealous right now hahaha what floors to farm? XD

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Lolz. Sera at floor 400 + , Bane at floor 55 +, with Seven deadly sins set. I was grinding my toons. I thought it wouldn’t dropped because luck bug . Hehe

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Whoa hahhAh amazeballs im currently only in floor 377 hahah nc1 im so jeslous … Best luck to u sir! Hahah

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Yeah, it’s my luck. I have gotten a lot of the legends pet , most of them are the elements. I have been looking for a Seven Deadly Sin Pet. Last one for my set. Lolz

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