Eternal seven deadly sin set?

Is it posibble to get an eternal version of seven deadly sin set?

Yes. I got the Eternal MH. :smile: but low rolled affixes :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay thanks. Now i know it is droppable, gonna start grinding and grinding and grinding…
after i get that eternalized ring and amulet. Im on floor 836 now. XD

Yeah. Good luck! I got mine on floor 500+ only… with my +Luck and Eternalized build for wiz. :+1:

use nadroji too because deadly sin is a rare drop

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its pretty useless

Its for collection purposes only.

the hardest to find in dis set is the freakin pigpet(boar) haha.

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Yeah. Pretty much for collection use only. With its dependent and negative affix in there, and you can’t or shouldn’t remove the Seven Deadly Sins affix, man you can’t even make a mythic Sanctuary amulet out of that thing. :sweat_smile: