Eternal slimes

haha lucky got my 2 eternal slime todat


Grats iv not even got a legend one yet haha

Found this one too day need farm more :stuck_out_tongue:

congrats mate

I’m seriously envious. Wanted a Void Slime. And you got an eternal Void. Nooooooo… :sob:

actually got 4 eternal slime now lel but all crappy affix but finally i found my eternal spike w/ good affix(been farming it for months already) @Onaneehsyu

heres the other one (the other eternal slime in converted it)

meet my spike haha though it is not perfect affix but i love the high ED and mp on hit and when this turn to max +20 darkness… 20 talent +20 darknes afix = lvl40(60% dmg to blinded enemy) lele OP my dps bow hireling will have another dmg buffer my main farming build wiz has taunt oh special w/ 45% cd and has 60% bomb proc affix(25%afiix 2x+ 1master myth = 60) since smokebomb blind all enemies that will be taunted. im planning to make smokebomb build on future cuz of this pets affix

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Dude how he’ll you geting all theys hehe :stuck_out_tongue: still no luck for me

monster spwn boost and hardwork + eternalyzed affix … i farm all day last week just killing enslaver lol . its not really easy u need to be patient

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I have monster spawn but don’t have eternalyzed affix were do you get it from :slight_smile:

i think it drop around floor 180 above. im using eternalyzed gun u can also use eternalyzed hat to inc to 300%

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Floor 350 m3

Wooooo at last :smiley:


gratz mate

No luck at getting eternal pets even if I have already raised my chances to 550%.

300 tresured 250 eternalize + eternalized hat + eternalize ring + eternalize amulet=700% u can pump it more haha… but u still ned to be patient i did feats 50-70x more but only 6 eternal so far. and mostly w/ crap affixes haha. btw u can farm eternalize ring and amulet at floor 1k (i think m3 difficulty) @Onaneehsyu

what is your secret haha

@Eater lel if ders a way to get 100% eternal pet game would be boring so i bet that secret does not exist. i just kill enslavers till my fingers cramp even awake till morning kilin it lol … but now ive had enough haha im contented now of my spike. but if u reach 700% eternal chance surely it will boost ur chance.(dont know if der is a cap for eternal chace%) i finally got the eternalized ring… still hunting the eternalize amulet … the drop rate seems very low. goodthing now we have more reason to farm at floor 1k lel.

i see now I get it :smiley: you switch item before killing enslaver eternalized (8)? + asce?

actually i wear all eternalize eq all the time while killin enslavers. im farmin them at floor 2 w/ monster spwn boost. so pretty much 1 hit enslavers since its low lvl floor even w/ low dmg gears. i use bomb oh and i just spam vault to find enslavers then kill(usually dey are top right or left part) then i reenter the floor do same thing again pretty much redundant and boring if u dont have patients and motivation haha. @Eater


wow you give me a nice tip :smile: ill try it when I got boost haha