Eternal Sudarshana?

Chakram worth using?

I found an eternal sudarshana, but last time I messed around with chakram they were terribad. Only two chakram out at a time? Screw that noise! But man, 491.9k dps? Good night!

well chakram can go up to 1M dps

Well given that my best current bow only does about 95k, that Sudarsharna is theoretically pretty nasty. It’s just… Their fire rate is so worthless.

yup dps is for show still depend on your build

So what if fire rate is low? Doing 100dmg/hit but once every second = doing 1dmg/hit but one hundred times a second = 100 DPS (damage per second)

You just don’t have the build for it.

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The displayed DPS is worthless. Slap six set affixes with synergy on an item, add +4 set affix mythstones and fill the rest up with yellow affixes and you’re gonna do more damage than if you could put 6 crystal affixes on every piece of equipment.

Sure, In theory the boomerang does more damage, but the many billions of damage you do, do not come from individual affixes, but from synergy.

EDIT: Raw stats are really good in Arena though.

Get high % of Mirrorcast and Specialist, a Legend Slime with Element Set, u can spawn 3-4 x2 charkram at once :smiley: And Boomerang will rapid-fire as well.
A 1-day Chakram Rogue can damage mobs up to billions with junky equipment :heart_eyes:

Just look at this useless awesome chackram!

Please ignore my crappy awareness while screenshoting haha

Too bad Eternal can’t be reroll :joy:

Close Reason: Necropost