Eternal throphy & pets

Newbie here, i would like to ask how to get eternal throphy and pet patch

Eternal throphy = eternal chest
Arena = rare, epic, legend, eternal chest
For pet kill enslavers + eternalized set for high chase to get eternal pet

Does eternal drop rate has a limit too like gold drop, luck, crit chance etc…

I have hireling on that picture but it doesn’t have any eternalize on gear… Only the rogue got eternalize on gear.

I would like to ask if i use the warrior as main (the one that i control ) and use the rogue as hireling does her items affixes will work? Or only the warriors items effix will work.

Main- rogue
Hireling - warrior


Use rouge “main” because it has etrnalized set but having a eternalized pet chance still low even is your using on it just push your luck sir and someday you will have one

Didn’t know that newbies can get ascensions max out so early lol so much heavy grinding if you did

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Im playing since 1.7, on & off. I am new to this forum thing, i got shock when i saw the eternal pet and throphy, my brother play my acc sometimes thats why i got max ascention right away. :slight_smile:

Does floor and difficulty affects the drop rate of eternal pet, or as long as i kill an enslaver i can able to get one (someday).

If you finish kill enslavers 200/200 you will get 1 legend pet any floor but m3 ia better for higher chance of legens pet even if you did not complete the 200/200