Eternal unreal hoods and fabled weapons (pictures wanted)


I want to see how people have crafted them


Im gonna get a better hood for this but i plan to use it on a cyclone build, ill use a ragnorock hammer for the defiant set and a zealotry shield for that 25%extra damage… then add mythical to my amulet and utalise haunting with two mythstones for 50% clearcast putting my over the 40% limit to double my damage…
By doing this i gain 25% increase from zealotry, 25% from defiant, cyclone will be at 900% MH damage and haunting will double damage… ill spam whirlwind so that when cyclone procs it stacks… essentially making my attack 1800% MH damage in pve and ill have a steady taunt so items drop right at my feet :blush:

Thats around 600k damage before ive even added any elemental buffs


Ill change the sword to be a rogue boomberang and use a similar method but for arc, and use scoundrel and ninja to change MH attacks, this is for hireling because a human cant use daggers to the best ability…