Eternal Weapon

Hey guys, i have a problem. how can i change my Eternal Equipment Affixes ? I can’t use any Crystal Stone to my Eternal Equipment except Jasper,Citrine,Beryl,and Amber. Someone can explain it ?

eternal items cannot have their affix’s changed. the only time you can is if it’s on a fabled item / unreal hood.

the good thing about Eternal items is that it doubles the values of the affixes it has, and has an Item Quality of 50%, which increases damage if it is a weapon, and increases armor for the non weapon items. the bad thing about Eternal items is you can’t use most crystals on it. the only items that can be customized are the ones with sockets in them. you can put Myth stones in those. the Fabled weapons and Unreal Hoods have 4 sockets. you could put 4 Myth stones in them, or use Myth stones to make a Mythic affix, and the 3 spaces left over, you can use Amber to put in Epic affixes. you just can’t make any changes once you have put any Myth stones or Epic affixes in them.
basically, the Developers have decreed that Eternal items are better than Legend items, at the price of being able to modify them.

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