Eternal with crystal affix?

found this while playing lol i didnt think it was possible to find an eternal with crystal affix?

there are about 20 Epic Affixes that have a Crystal Affix version. not sure, but I think that there’s a 1% chance for a Legend or Eternal Item that has at least one of those affixes for one of them to be a Crystal Affix.

having the Treasured Perk and/or the Crystalline Set can improve the chances of getting a Crystal Affix.

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oh alright thank u, just thought eternals should have a different special color for having that affix

Items with a Mythic Affix turn Purple.
Items with a Crystal Affix turn Cyan/Light Blue.
I think Eternal Items with either of these affixes stay Green.
If I remember, an Item with Mythic and Crystal Affixes will be Purple if it isn’t Eternal.

it’s been awhile since I messed around with lots of different affixes like that, so I might be wrong on the info. as you Craft Items, you’ll learn how they change.

hmm, I think the Power Tier of Items by color might be…

Green: Eternal
Purple: Mythic
Cyan: Crystal
Red: Legend
Orange: Epic
Yellow: Rare
Blue: Magic
Grey/White: Normal

Normal to Epic Items Tier is based on the number of affixes. they can become Crystal and/or Mythic by adding one each of those affixes. adding a Legend affix will not make these Items Legend.

Legend Items have at least one Legend Affix and are found as loot. there is a small chance that they may also be found as Crystal and/or Eternal Items. some Legend Items have Legend affixes that can’t be rolled with Crystals.

there is a benefit to using Legend Items for Crafting an Item instead of Normal to Epic Items. when using Crystals to change the affix values on an Legend Item, the values wont go lower than about 75% of the affixes maximum value randomly. this is affected by the Items Item Quality Score. Epic to Normal Items will have their affix values randomly changed between their minimum and maximum values, and is also affected by the Item Quality Score. the higher Item Quality means better chances to get higher, or even maximum, values. another thing, if a Legend Item has all of it’s affixes taken off, it loses this Legend ability and is no longer a Legend Item. as long as you have at least one or two affixes on a Legend Item, it will remain a Legend Item.

Mythic Items are never found as loot. you need to use a recipe of 4 Myth Stones on an Item with 4 Sockets to make a Mythic Item.