Eternalized items

How is this eternalized thing works? I got 2 pcs. Of eternal items and it say’s 100% drop rate but i didnt get any eternal items how ia that so

It’s not 100% drop rate, it’s 100% increased drop rate.

Let’s pretend the drop rate is 1%, then 100% increased drop rate would make that equal 2%.

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Is there any eternalized item aside from helm and weapon?

Eternalized is only helm and weapon.
You can add +2 set affix on your ring or amulet.
cap for this is +4 set affix.

if you have 1 eternalized set affix and have +4 set affix it becomes (5) Eternalized

let’s say Cap and weapon = eternalized (2)
vest,ring,amulet = equality (3)

then it will becomed eternalized 5? am i right?

It won’t become eternalized 5.
It will become eternalized (2)
equality (3)

You need the Elixer mythstone on a accesory and ring to get +4 set affix. (+2 each)
Nadroji Crystal and Ring has a Legend affix of +2 set number
Look at my Hunter Ring And Nadroji Crystal it has +2 set number affix.

Even if I only had 1 piece of a set affix on my gear everything became (5) because of the +4 set affix.
The +4 set affix only work once though on your set affix.

oh ok the +2 all set now i get it

btw eternal legends can’t be customized right?

It can but it’s very limited.

calcite to change element
beryl to change nature

If a affix is missing you can add larimar or topaz to add an epic affix.
Only way for that scenario is get eternal mythology set affix (helm, weapon) and turn it to a mythic and it will have 3 missing affix.

thnx now i know. cause i saw some eter. legends on arena that are customized or should i say modified

If you can screenshot the equips post it here to help the admins with the clean ups. :smile:

last question, if my main character have the 5 set affix and my hireling got those 5 set affix too does it increase my chance of looting good stuffs?

sure no problem with that

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Farming set equips Like Eternalized, Nadroji, Mythical, Crystalline only works with your main.

Things that help. A lot farms on spots that they can finish the map faster.
Example 101 floor - 200th floor if you can go higher that’s better but finishing the map faster means faster loot drops.

At least 101 floor and above is needed as higher lvl crystals don’t drop on 100 and below

650 Luck and Gold Find on your main and hireling.
200 Item drop on your main and hireling
Hireling gives bonus 100 Item drop.