Eternalized Set

How to get an item with an Eternalized set, because i spent 2 hours farming and got nothing…

Eternalized set can only obtain at some certain item see the codex for more details

Im new to this game and its fun but the codex kinda confuse me, where can I find that in codex?

Codex Legendex Section. Discover it. Can’t upload pics. Internet so slow now. :sweat_smile:

Legendex :slight_smile:

Found it, it say found past floor 350 but I can’t get pass floor 200…

Try @Griffin012’s build. It works for farming, floor hiking, and leveling. You may need to tweak it a little, but the most important affixes are Reactor, Plagued, Blight, and Elemental Damage.

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How do you get those set to 5?

You can use the Mythstone, Elixir, which increases All Sets +2 when put into jewelry, but that’s the final Mythstone and is difficult to get.

The other way is to farm the Nadroji Amulet and Ring at Floor 201 or higher from powerful enemies. You can also check in the codex to confirm that.

I’ll just convert some crystals to get Elixir… What do I do to unlock floor past 200 cause it says defeat cartographers to unlock it?

You can defeat the Cartographers, or you can go into the store and purchase a challenge map.

If I get to a high floor level yet my game might instantly close because of lag then I don’t have any challenge map to go back to that floor again, do I have to start over from floor 200?

No. You can purchase maps at the current floor you’re at whenever you wish, or you can get one at floor 200 and convert it up with a maximum of your highest floor reached.