Eternallized set - after much testing - odd bug? Obi Gan Crazy? Solved


I am confident in saying it should be added to the broken list. Or am i…?

Without doubt, the lower the eternallized value is, atmthe more often i find eternal items.

been runnin eternallized(8) @700% & eternallized(7) @650% across too many maps to count, and the results are absurd, to put it simply. tens and twentys of maps at a time, in reps… not one eternal. even with 300-350% item drop

yet with only base eternallized 300% from perk… extremely high luck… and strangely ultra rare legend… almost every map.

yea… sigh. really wanted to share this build to the compendium, as its able to easily climb to f1000m3 with full eternallized… but its proven its not worth it.

Anyone else run a full or high eternallized build? Would love to compare data.

Updated exclusive rare bug. or … Obi Wan Gon Cwazy…

on a hunch, swapped gears, swapped back… things are workin again? is this possible? i mean, easily 30 or 40 maps with not one eternal… swap gear… things start workin…

I believe in RNG Troll… but o.0

Well, either way, this concludes my days frustrated test. until tommorow.** :laughing:

i was ready to scream “patch broke my stuffz”. this is first time i played this char since last update…

clearly obi wan is still padawan.


with high luck and eternalized(5) i always get hmmm lets say 1-6 eternal items in 1map😄


right… usually this eternallized(8) build produces top results. but… something strange tonite. literally hour or so it was… bugged? o.0

glad its all workin now though. time to submit the build :slight_smile:


maybe your not luck hahaha i mean luck literally in real life, maybe use a lucky charm😄


im thinking you didnt actually read one thing i wrote.

i also happen to have a pretty damn good track record of finding oddities issues and bugs.

carry on gunther…

k.ian… just joined… kuyanasian … just banned… hmm…

For the record… based on an hour or two of ZERO drops, compounded with the results of unequip / re-equip… and it all working again, im pretty convinced i stumbled across an extremely rare bug.

Reproducing said bug… prolly next to impossible. Kinda like the crystal / mythstone slot swap bug ive recently reported.

at any rate… this thread has ended. ty


kuyanasian? never heard that before, i once figure out a bug about mythstones too, unlucky it cant be done in the updated, maybe they have resolved it


I could have had this issue as well but with (5) or (6) eternalized in the worst of days but thanks for pointing this out. You got a good track record indeed.

I thought it was RNG troll but I rarely had this happen to me and turns out , I wasn’t only one ofc.


Since the new patch i rarely get eternal drops. Pretty frustrating.


I am not really farming for Eternal items at the moment, but for every 19 Challenge maps I do, I tend to end up with 2-5 Eternal items, with 0-3 Crystal items, on average. that is with 850 luck, 100 item drop, and Treasured Perk. that is before I get on a Legend map. Epic Challenge maps do a good job of dropping Eternals and Crystal items, just not as good as Legend maps, and of course, Eternal maps are the best. and I am not using Nadroji, Eternalized, Crystalized, or Mythical Sets. yet!
on normal maps, I think my numbers are the same, but I have been focused on climbing, and that means Challenge maps, so I am not sure about that.