Eternals Special Edition! No! Etenal pets edition yes but with restrictions

Should be an Special Edition of eternal gear? General opinion is no. In relation to eternal pets the general opinion is yes but with restrictions. Only 2 affixes edition on the eternal pet. I have seen everyone points of view.

Hmm not sure I get what you mean.

I think @SamuelMG is talking about being able to edit eternals the first day or two after you find it, then it locks into a non editable item.

Yes that kind of. I am thinking about an special eternal gear that you could get that has a 48 hours open slots then become lock. And you could shuffle all types of affixes. I think that this is possible to add to the game.

But if all eternals could be edited, even if only for a day or so, it would largely eradicate the quality and use of legends.

it sounds like a good idea, but it should only be able to be crafted for 1 or 2 hours. and maybe make it like pets, 5 of whatever crystal you are using to craft the affixes. and to drive you crazy, a timer on the Eternal showing your time going away as you farm for the extra crystals to craft it! and maybe double myth stones for each myth stone used on this item also.

Why aren’t people happy with Legend/Mythic gears? I feel they are more than enough for any purpose.


Its a way to eradicate cheating in this game that’s the true meaning of this idea and to cool down the rage of some people.

Yeah that is true. It would just be nicer to reduce cheating however in some way without game breaking but benefiting every player and reducing a need to cheat.

I prefer mythics and legends over Eternals but having the ability of editing legend pets is very powerful. It wasn’t really thought as a good idea until recently but it’s very nice. Although editing eternal pets would be cool. Eternal pets usually take lots of effort to even find and are far rarer than even eternal maps and eternal legend gear drops. Sometimes you get real good eternal pets and others can be terrible .

Normal Eternals if they are terrible it’s understandable but pets are randomised which is either good or bad. Although some control over eternal pets could be a good level playing field against the cheating folks who cheat their way without any effort. I know not everyone but the people who work hard enough get eternal pets let alone a desired set affix eternal pet but it could revive some pets.

I know there is the issue of losing value but they would still have high rarity and be seen as something to really be motivated for since you could edit instead of just saying, oh it’s cool. Costing a bunch of crystals more than normal legend pet editing like 50 sapphires or 100 and/or larimar but no kyanite . Or some other huge cost that doesn’t make it too easy to break the game balance that way.

I Initially thought even editing eternal pets legit would make them lose their value but not if they are high cost . Although maybe that may not be necessary since eternal pets aren’t as rare as say patch 2.0 days . I had much harder time farming things in general though than now since I sucked at the game at one point and there were no Ascensions or anything of the sort. Eternal pets were possible but no treasured perk either or 1012% luck or anything we have for granted today. I kinda wish I started off this year but at the same time, I’m grateful I started much earlier since I gathered so much knowledge and have fun many times.

Although if it’s still game breaking, yeah maybe we can keep eternal pets unchanged. Eternals have already become so easy due to dust alone (though expensive unless you find them first but still pricey)


Rather than editing why not be bought using dust just like other legend and eternal. Though much costly.

Or an eternal pet with set affix only and 5 open slot. Using topaz to put your epic affix. That would probably solve it.

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I actually did that as test patch but it costed 10k dust and a blank slate since it wasn’t intended and then it disappeared. Same with eternal trophy but it had KnightsCharge or whirlwind or torrent instead of normal trophies ability.

It was removed quickly and I wasted a ton of dust as tester which did suck. Then again, many things were broken that I gladly suffered through so you don’t have to :thumbsup: .

There was even one for 100k dust that if somebody bought and played DQ for years and years on end but they got a blank slate and disappeared. Bugs to embrace in test patch that I’m.glad were removed.

I don’t think it would reduce cheaters, it would just let cheaters be like fair players. They don’t like farming at all, so they would cheat anyway.


Must admit I’m not keen on most eternal though nadrobi, fabled and unreal are definitely worth a glance. Legends and crystal items are my cup of tea otherwise


Evey 48hrs in game will get an eternal?

I didn’t come to that part yet.

I drop a few eternal everyday. Most of them are unimpressive

I dont think that’d be a good idea, the game is good and balanced how it is right now.

If we’re able to edit eternal means all the gears we have now will end up pointless since we can get a eternal version of all stats would be the double of what we have now, which is more than enough for everything.

Building the char correctly we can achieve 5k+ floors, immortal builds on pvp.

If that’d be a thing, many stuffs must be changed on affixes, which is a remake of the game.

so in my opinion its a bad thing.

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Even if is a pet??

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No need to edit Eternals. As far as eternal pet, yes - at a High cost and high effort of farming. The game is very balanced right now but yeah.


Yeah pets makes sense, since right now getting a “worthy using” eternal pet chance is really low.

It could be just like legends pets imo, the only thing you can change is the epic affixes with some rules like: You can only edit 2 from all the affixes on your pet (example), and ofcourse increasing the amount of crystals needed. That way we can keep a balance, plus you still have to drop a eternal pet with a good SET affix.

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