Ethernal Drop

I found this recently, I didn’t know that ethernal items can have blue affix. Is this a bug? ( I started playing a month ago​:grinning::grinning:, just want to confirm if this is possible to craft)

Not to craft, but you can find these and have the chance to get these after buying them from the eternal legendex

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@GrayXin19 there are about 20 affixes that can be Crystal Affixes (Light Blue), and you get them by using Obsidian Crystal. when you find Legend or Eternal items that have an affix that can also be a Crystal affix, there is a chance that affix will be a Crystal affix. a high Luck can increase your chances (Luck Nature, Luck bonus from difficulty level, Luck from affixes, Luck from Fortunate Perk, Luck from the Green Shrine). the Treasured Perk increases your chance to get Eternal and Crystal affix items. and the Crystaline Set increases your chance to get Crystal items and Crystals…

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@TeaCup is right . Bulk dust conversions into a desired eternal can get a really good one with a juicy crystalline affix. Costs a lot in dust