Ex Diablo 2 pvp player of 10 years wonders if spending all your points in your main attacks is worth it when 1 each works as well plus item boosts

Answers ?

Yes always Yes

Yes!!!, 20 Frozen Orb, 20 Cold Mastey, 20 Warmth, 20 Energy Shield, 1 Frozen Armor, 1 Thunder Storm. My Orb Sorc Build…

Yes. Hero points always onto your main skill of choice aka your main attacks as well as fortune for farming and hero point like Dexterity for move speed+ dodge+ reduced CD; and strength and intelligence for the Regen with All Resist and Armour as well as 20% MP/HP which can be useful.

For other classes that use a skill not from their class: eg, rogue using orb skill like I do, I use this mythstone called Elixir on the weapon to add 5+ All Skills which adds 5 hero points to any weapon skill , including ones from other classes. Another way is by adding 10 Orb Talent on pet or 20 on eternal pet which will affect the orb of any class who equips the pet.

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Thanks for the advice :blush: I’m maxing bone shield, meteor, summon and the rest in twister maybe

Elixir ! I want that mythstone :sunglasses:

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If only I could give you half of my 15 elixir lol. P.s. I have 6 extra on unused builds

Skill Points cant be used on PvP.

Actually they can but the only way is to have epic affix for the hero point. Having 6+ torrent eternal divination amulets make the torrents from CV have the hero points to 6 and it’s why they proc more often and deal a lot more damage.