EXP SHARED, What should i Hire?

I have a low level warrior (level 5) and a level 70 Rouge, I want to level my warrior with my rouge too. What should i main and hire?

And what is the pro’s of having a hireling?

PLS HELP ASAP. (I’m new here)

HELP ME PLS. I need help asap!

Hireling gives more loot and makes map easier. Main character you want to play. For leveling up go for floor 100-200 mythic 3 pack size maps.

Is it ok to use my level 70 char as main and hire my level 5 warrior so that they can both get high exp?


Thank you. :slight_smile:

Pros of having hirlings:

An extra 100% item drops bonus.
You get to test out other classes and make other types of builds. Having knowledge of all 3 classes really helps overall, especially in ultimate build types you may have ambition for.
Combos: A full damage 2 people combo, 1 farm build 1 damage build and 2 farm builds with 1 of them having slightly more dmg. Much easier to defeat enemies.

Revive cost is cheap if the hirling dies. Useful in any scenario.

More inventory space if need be.

Find items of different classes to suit your needs of building. For eg, if you want a warrior to use cerebral vortex item, you can find the item and jasper it. It’s much easier to find them too because at solo, its hard to find a specific item of another class. It takes that much more time and patience to find the item.

2v2 battles if you like em.


If you don’t know A.I settings, you may have a lot of trouble with making the hirling do what you want but it’s easy learnt with trial and error.

Thank you for your help.

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