Explosive - raising chance?

Heya all. Just curious if theres a way to increase the chance for explosive. It says 5%, on each explosive, but having more explosives doesnt raise the % chance i dont think, so is this possible?

Well to increase the chance, have AOE SKILLS, high hit frequency skills, packsize . I mean it’s still 5% but more explosives happen.

Also explosive works great on some build for exponential DMG like with fire build or so where if shock explosion each, the fire attack gets more powerful in the shocked enemy and it loops. Same with other elements.

Although explosive is generally great anyway. I think it could be a good tool to trigger poison cloud better nowadays.
Edit: stupid autocorrect ruin my posts.

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use double or tripple explosive

You only really need 400% explosive slot for one affix aka 400% MH tbh but having more explosive trigger at once is what I listed above. AoE, hit faster, crushing blow even, etc. 2 slots is also fine but the 5% chance is still 5% regardless of how many slots used for Explosive affix so when adding more slots, you increase MH% DMG but the chances still the same.

Could have been nice to have a % increased chance though.

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my bad thank you for the explanation more power

It usually happens more than 5%. But it isn’t worth because it’s MH damage and MH DMG << Real DMG in most of cases.
If it just was real DMG, it would be worth because its average damage:
DMGAVG = 1 + 0.05 * 4 = 1.2