Exposed mythic

I’d like to know how much damage is dealt by exposed mythic also… How does it works. Is the increased damage only for like pierce type weapon… I have wizard pierce + storm+ exposed mythic + skullshield + shatter…

Is the damage dealt to an enemy is increased for skullshield when exposed mythic is activated by pierce. Likewise for shatter

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The increased DMG affects all damaging weapons and elements but it has got to be started by the piercing weapon, though the piercing weapon you see most of the damage gains. 50% DMG more the enemies will take.

So that means your skull shield, storm, shatter, frozen explosion , everything is affected after the enemy or a group of them gets pierced . Also the “pierced” doesn’t seem to have a duration that I can tell.
Worth adding if you have a piercing main damage skill and even more so when you have 50%, or 100% pierce chance mythstones by Zenith or a Pierce only build.


Always nice to hear from you. Ty… It’s just mh pirece

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Works on any pierce MH or OH, but if your only using MH pierce such as orb, then yeah.