Exposed Mythic

Does it work without pierce chance? And how do we know if an enemy was pierced?

I would like to know it too… And how many sec. Of being pierced

Exposed Mythic: +50% damage to pierced enemies.

the Elixor Myth Stone that gives +50% Pierce Chance to most attacks (I’m not sure if it’s all attacks). so Exposed can work this way. with 2 of these, it’s +100% Pierce Chance.

there are Skills that Pierce, like Wizard skills Pierce & Orb, Warrior Skills Toss, Scalp, & Throw Sword, and Rogue Guided Shot. there might be more, but I don’t have them memorized. just look at the Skill description on the Item. some Skills get a chance to Pierce from putting Hero Points into the Skills.

as soon as an enemy is Pierced, all attacks against that enemy get +50% damage from Exposed. from the description on the Mythic, I would guess that the Pierce lasts until the enemy is dead. the other way to read it is that only attacks that Pierce get the +50% damage when they Pierce the enemy.

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