Extra attack affix bug

Was making a weapon tonight and I noticed that the axe was way weaker sheet dps wise when it had extra attack affix on it compared to no affix.

crit 8%
Atk speed 14%
Dmg% 27.5
Ice dmg 10%
+2 extra attacks
1.7m dps total

same stats as above without the +2 extra attacks
2.1m dps

Is something wrong here or am I missing something?

That’s a known issue that should be addressed with patch 1.4.1 :smile:

So does +extra attacks lower the dps, even if another item has that affix?

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I’m not sure if it actually lowers your damage or just shows it on paper. I only know it to be true with weapons atm.

It’s just on paper, you still do the extra damage :smile:

That’s awesome that someone else found the same bug I found a while back :smile:

Good eye!