Extra/multi attack and element/ascendant/ignore resist. Why are these so close to the same and or so one sided?

OK this is my 2nd time posting about extra and multi attacks. Yes I agree pretty much every skill talent what ever needs far better descriptions buy still easy to figure out/,get over but multi and extra attacks are off by a metric mile. As far as I can tell pistols and boss are about the only thing affected by them. Put some restrictions on it so 2 don’t waste our time with ever item in the game swaping gear looking for a difference in attacks. Rogues have a talent to increase DMG done by multi/extra attacks. Do they have reduced to start with or could you not translate it? Or do you just like too keep people really guessing.
Also what really is the difference in elements/effective/ignore resist/ascendant. Even specialist mirror cast. I feel these are almost the same weather you ignore resist cpor change to their weak resist. Double casting same or diff elements. Its all the same. Why can you get the affix ignore resist or all that other crap but there’s nothing yo do with -armor deff or anything even close. Its this game just really set up to be that 1 sided on process skills and elements that your going to give defence and armor almost completely not needed?

There are a very select few mainhand primary skills that could not have additional attacks added too them and in these cases extra attacks and multi attacks provide a hefty damage boost instead :smile:

Elements adds chance to cast a skill again in a different element from the original cast

Effective changes the element when calculating damage to an enemies normal weakness so you always deal an additional 25% damage unless that enemy has an affix on it making it resist that type of damage this ability does not affect players as players do not have an element

Ignore resist ignores monster resists so you always just deal normal damage to them this does not effect players

Ascendant randomly changes your element and gives a small amount of resist reduction when something is affected by the arcane element

Mirror cast and specialist are pretty much the exact same affix but they stack so you can double cast something twice instead of only once

Normal monsters do not have armour so -armour would be a useless stat in anything but PvP but it does exist just only on trophies :smile:

Damn i am so jealous right now with ur sets, i got eternals but none of them match for farming haahah

Multi Attack guarantee extra hits with 50% damage. Extra attack grant chance of extra hits with 100% damage.

Specialist affects only Special Skill. Mirrorcast affects both Primary & Special -> work well with Primary Skill that have “limited ammo” like Boomerang.

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