Extra slot

Can you give me a character slot.?

char slots are $.99 per char slot, with the money system depending on the country you are in. the pay for char slot is not a bug, but part of the gaming system created by the Dev’s. Dungeon Quest can be played without spending any money at all, and it will still be fun, but if you do spend money, there is some good stuff that can enhance your playing experience. but the extra stuff that you don’t get with the original download will cost money to get.
now, if you paid for a char slot, and didn’t get it, that is different and the Dev’s will help you as much as they are able.
just so you know, I can’t tell from your post if you are asking for a free char slot or if you paid for one and didn’t get it. the Dev’s will say the same thing, I think.

But they gave me an extra character slot for dungeon quest for free last year… is it not available now.? I wonder that some of the post are announcing that they are giving free slot…

oh, I didn’t know that. I haven’t seen any posts on that subject. the few posts I have seen on the subject are people asking for free slots too, or wondering why they didn’t get it after purchasing. I think that’s cool that they gave you 1, but I don’t know if that is something they do for everyone or only in certain situations. any Mods or Dev’s who can shed light on this?

Ah okey… I think I’m just lucky on that day… Okey I will buy extra slot and vanity horn when my money comes…

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