Extract & transfer affixes

I’m someone that prefer crafting my own item rather than use legend/eternal item but there are some affixes that is exclusive to that legend, i really wanted to add it to the crafting. so i suggest this mechanism:

  1. we can extract 1 affix from 1 item to transfer to another item
  2. the only extractable affixes will be epic, legend, and set
  3. the item which we’ll extract the affix from would be destroyed
  4. we can only transfer the extracted affix to the same type of item, for example if we extract an affix from chest item then we can only transfer it to chest item too
  5. if the affix that we extract is job specific then it can only transfer to that specific job item too
  6. the requirement to the extract affix will be crystals, so if we want to extract epic affix then the requirement will be topaz, etc
  7. the amount of crystal needed is up to us but it will determine the chance of success in extracting
  8. so the extracting process wil not 100% success but vary depend on how much we use crystals for it and the rarity of the affix

this is my idea, feel free to comment on it :smile:

This could be a very useful option especially for those that dont have a huge stash of good crystals.

you got the point, for me, sometimes it requires more than 20 topaz to get affix that i want :sweat_smile: so with this mechanism i hope it can be more crystal-efficient in crafting items