Ez hiking+farming on high floor without problem

Hallo guys let me introduce ma self.im an old players, in game since 2014 but quit this game in years and now im return hahaha. Im here want to share ma build, lets cek it out

Main : Knight with Taunt

Just spam taunt but please dont kill the mobs first cause when you facing legendary/mythic it will take an a minutes to kill (WASTE OF TIME) or you cant even kill them in skyfall maps with 5/6 enemy affix.

The stats :

Hireling : Rogue with Godly Frozen :joy:

This set, affix its easy to get but you will be broke in a couple of minutes if you are unlucky :joy:

The stats :

EZ WAY Hiking+Farming =

This build still have much improvement but im play with mine (i have crushing flame build too) but still really fun with this godly frozen and My currently floor is 2285.