Farm build tank/wizard

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a good farming build for a knight wizard duo? What set should I run with what bonuses on both?

Here’s my farming duo. No need for HP , just dodge/block for survival and move as fast as possible. Feel free to modify this example of my farming duo and I hope mine sparks some ideas.

Other useful ways to help in deciding a farm build:

This should help if you wanted to know the calculations.

Your gear is way beyond what I can get yet. I’m only at floor 317.

@Roscoe for your early farm builds, just focus on the Luck and Gold Find affixes. if you can, put Hero Points in Fortune, as that increases Luck, Gold Find, and Item Drop Rate. as I improved my Ascending Build, I ended up just having Fortune Skill 40, and eventually the Fortunate Perk, on Mythic 3 difficulty. that got me the Crystals and Myth stones that helped me improve my build, and the ability to find better items that are the foundation of even better builds.
every one starts small and works their way to the ‘way beyond gear’. you can make it too, just keep farming and learning and crafting.

I’ve got 3 of the perks so far. Fortune is one of them (can’t remember what the other 2 are). Is it worth going for all 6 or should I try to get to higher floors first?

well, since getting a Perk sends you back to level 1 every time, you may as well get all 6. they all help with farming in one way or another, which is what makes them so desirable. what I did was go to floor 200, and then farmed floor 110 for experience until I had all Perks. if you can get to 200 without too much trouble, farming floor 100-110 will be easy and fast. the thing is, getting Perks means 6 slots for the Quest stone, so it will be harder climbing until you replace them with better stuff, whether for climbing or farming. experience from monsters maxes out at level 100, so climbing to higher floors can only slow you down, especially since you need lots of experience for all 6.

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