Farming again. New personal record

68 Legendary items acquired on a single map. :muscle:


well done man
Which floor u farming ?
And what kind of map? Red or green or normal?
Any bonus on?

wow! Team Farmers with double Imps?

my solo Wizard Farmer does 0-13 Legends a Map, but I use a Hound for more Gold. this just proves once again that a Hireling Farmer with one Imp & Hound or two Imps can vastly improve Loot drops.


@Golem what would happen if main and hireling both was 7DS and had merlins ???

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0.o… :exploding_head:

I guess that if you tweaked them for best Farming performance, and to survive on floor 500ish… the only downside is you can’t use the Farming Sets with the 7DS Build.

I wonder if anyone has done that Build yet.

the funny thing is, I have 2 Legend Merlins, and have never thought of doing a Double 7DS Farm Team. now I’m wondering… I wonder if there would be some problems, considering which Farm affixes go on which Character usually for Farm Teams.

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@Golem just had a brainwave. If the two characters have just enough 7ds between them to trigger the bonus between them then they may be able to equip other set items in pvp or pve provided the bonus is activated :roll_eyes:

well, I wasn’t thinking of that, but that should be easy to test.

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It will work in pvp. 100% certain

7ds removes all skills bonuses. Okay. All skills create extra chances. Which is what the 7ds set does. So if you can activate it between two characters who both have merlins imp. Then each other character need to equip maximum 5 between them. So they equip their empty equipment slots with any set item because all sets are based on procs?

I think you only need 3 7DS Sets to activate all 7 7DS Bonus? but you still can’t use +All Sets, so four Sets (1), one Sets (4), or 2/2, or 1/3.

could make for some interesting PVP Builds.

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nice. Just -1 off the legendary number :wink: