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I’ve been playing DQ off and on for years and have recently started enjoying it again.

I see posts from people talking about finding only X legendary pets per hour, requiring over a full day to level from 1-99 with multiple ascensions, etc.

Now I understand that some of these people have min-maxed their characters to the extreme, so I don’t expect numbers like that, but I’ve been working on my 5th ascension for weeks (I don’t even want to think about when I finally get the final perk) and have only ever found like 3 legendary pets total, all of which from feats (which takes forever since I very rarely run into enslavers).

I’m using a Nadroji robe/ring for the rarity bonus, one Crystalline and Eternalized piece, Eternal Blessing of the Faun with a crystal luck affix, and multiple experience legend affixes and mythstones. All the other affixes are mostly HP or luck. My hireling is primarily DPS with a bit of luck to offset the loss from having two characters active. I know my gear isn’t necessarily maximized for one particular purpose, but I’m willing to make slight sacrifices to ensure I’m not missing any good drops, and I can’t imagine a few marginal values are dropping my speeds by ridiculous levels. Also, with maximum values to things like luck and experience, I didn’t really think it was necessary to make a full gear set specifically for farming items or experience when they could more or less be combined.

I was farming floor 101m3, but I realized my kill speed was just as fast at higher levels so now I am in the 500s to make sure I don’t miss any decent drops.

I have read through the forums to try to find good guides or answers, but most of them talk about ascending on f101m3 with a DPS character to offset (which is fine to get me at or near 50, but doesn’t help from 50 to 99).

Does anyone know of a good resource or things I could try to increase my leveling speed? That is my primary concern, but once I finally do get all the perks I am after I’m willing to bet that I am farming inefficiently (especially for pets, seriously, how do people get multiple legendary pets in an hour or so?) so any resources on that would be welcome.

Farming pets is touch and go, given that theres no effective way to ensure an enslaver appears on a map, short of using a Hunter Boost (aka monster spawn boost).

Nadroji bonus can help in delivering a higher rate of spawn, but still no gaurantee, and bad rng is common enough.

Hunter boosts ensure 99.5% chance of spawning an enslaver on any given map, however due to an ongoing bug related to floor space, theres a slim chance you may not get a spawn. Still… they are literally the best thing possible when hunting enslavers, with the only real draw back being purchased with real money. Alternatively, you can wait for free boosts via advertisements, and hope you get a free monster spawn boost. these last 5 minutes.

now, onto legends p/hr… i have done ALOT of pet farming, and imo the absolute most effective way to get legendary pets is to run f2m3 while Monster Spawn boosted. 1012 luck. 75 ultra rare legend and 500 eternallized.

note… im not even sure if legend find counts tbh… im waiting for @SteigerBox to confirm or deny if possible

theres 2 sides to this. at f400+ you get enslavers that count towards an enslaver feat which over time, leads to a eternal pet drop. however, f2 runs does not award towards this feat, though nothing is faster then f2 runs. simply because of map size.

Within 8 to 10 hours, ive aquired every legend pet in game with lots of doubles and triples… with the exception of Merlin. Gated behind f500.

ive prolly forgotten to mention some things… any questions just lemme know

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as far as Ascending, getting 200% experience boost on your gear is a must. getting enshrined is important, as the Experience shrine goes from a 25% boost to 100% boost, and an average of 1 out of 3 maps instead of 1 out of 6 maps to get it. but getting 2 of them on same map not good, they don’t stack. the Hunter Perk is nice, more Epic monsters around the shrines, and you already have the Nadroji bonus for better chances to get Magic & Rare monsters. many people say get maps with pack size +120%-150%. more monsters for more experience, but many devices lag with large pack size. the Accomplished Perk is good, lets you finish the Perks faster, which is good for the monster perks. higher tier monsters give more experience. you already know about the experience boost from difficulty level, and the last place for a boost is the shop boost. the random 5 minute boost from the Perk or buying the Experience boost good for 1 hour from the shop.
I had one Eternal Monster give 50 million experience once, and another gave a little over 120 million experience. but those were the ones I noticed, I was just trying to survive the others. :unamused:
not sure if you have read the post about this, but experience from monsters cap out at floor 100, so most people end up farming for experience around 101-110. that way monsters die fast and get experience just as fast.
I think the experience for Ascending has been increased from when Perks were first introduced, because the experience multipliers are higher than what you see in patch notes 2.1.

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I suppose I could afford a bit more experience on my gear. Would epiphany on a follower increase stat caps for the combined team, or would it be wasted unless on main character? That might be a good way to get me some more gain.

@ObiWanKenobi your post was the one that threw me for a bit of a loop based on the numbers you were finding. Apparently it makes sense with the boost active and all the farming stats maximized. Once I finish my ascension in 2019 I will give that a shot.

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lol… in 2019. :laughing:

I believe Epiphany only works on the character it is on. so if you are doing a main and hireling, I think they both need Epiphany to get the better cap stats if you are doing both as a farming team. just did a search on ‘epiphany farm build’, and that’s how it looks. since shared affixes like luck and gold are averaged between the 2, then I guess you would need it on both.
edit: just did a search on 'epiphany experience, and the same goes for experience when you are running a main and hireling, the experience bonus is averaged between the 2 characters.
hope this helps.

Hi, does it mean with Hunter, map will have near 100% to spawn enslaver?

no, Hunter Mythic/Perk only summons +1-3 Epic monster(s) at the Shrines (they don’t stack). the Monster Boost in the shop is the only way to increase the chance of getting Enslavers. I think it is 100%, but someone who uses the Monster Boost should verify that.

its not 100% … more like 99.5%. theres a bug.

also… monster spawn boosts ARE / AKA hunter boosts.

check your reciepts. :slight_smile:

sorry, Master @ObiWanKenobi, I have never bought a Monster Boost, but I have gotten the 5 minute ones from the Orb Feat Reward. but I never really paid attention to Enslavers/Cartographers being on the map or not. at least, not until I read some of your posts. :wink: :eyes:

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Lol. :slight_smile:

I’ve bitten the bullet and crafted a hunter ring from a stripped back nadroji ring. I dare not touch a shrine now lol


im using a hunter ring on my stream. its crap. but quick swap gear ftw. lol

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haha, the smart noob gets the Hunter Perk first. :wink:

I’m saving the hunter perk for last…I just made a hunter ring and swap it in before hitting the shrine and right back off again. Hunter Perk first seems like a waste of a perk when its just as easy to gear swap.

My perk order was Dealer, Treasured, Fortunate, Accomplished, Enshrined, and I’m working my way to Hunter now.

Dealer first because I was always short on coins which hindered my gameplay the first time through.

Treasured next because those Eternal and Crystal items converted to useful crystals and saved a lot of converting to be able to roll the farming gear I wanted and get perfect rolls for stuff.

Fortunate to boost the amount of those drops even more…and by the time I got there, I had capped all my farming stats with farming gear.

Accomplished to then speed up the process of hitting feats, which, with the previous perks, boosted my chances at great loot even more.

Enshrined is great for upping your chances for rare legends and spawning red and purple enemies, but its a lot of work for a guaranteed legend drop from a red enemy and eternal drop from a purple enemy, when they are already so plentiful from my earlier perks so it was low on the priority list.

Hunter last for the reason mentioned at the top of the post.

One other thing that really helped me was, I’d wait until I was really close to the Find Crystal and Find Mythstone feats and then use a legend map. Right before collecting the last crystal or mythstone I’d throw on my crystallized or Mythical gear. Between the legend map and the gear, the crystal and mythstone explosions would be at the highest rarity possible, and I got a bunch of Ruby, Amethyst and Obsidian that way. I’d always wait to convert any Eternal and Crystal gear until I was on a legend map, and make sure I had my crystallized gear on when converting for the highest rarity crystals there too. Finally, whenever I’m on a legend map, I buy all the items in the store, both before and after I kill the cartographer. With Crystallized and Eternalized gear on when you buy from the store, you have a great chance at getting Eternal and Crystal equipment which you can then convert to more crystals.

This really makes crystal farming go smoothly and I’ve had a really easy time rolling up the gear I want with perfect rolls.

Edit: A few more little tidbits I just remembered…I also do all my crystal salvaging and converting and rolling on legend maps so that the Use Crystal feat happens on the legend map too…same with Mythstones.

I reroll pretty much every map before using it. My goal is to have 2 or 3 beneficial stats (I count pack size as 2 so if the map just has pack size and all the other stats are negative but not on my Do Not Use list, I’ll use that map.) My Do Not Use list includes Leech Nerf, Potion Nerf (I can handle a sub 60% potion nerf map if I have pack size) and skyfall. I don’t love enemy heal maps, but if I have pack size I can clear those too. I love resists, immunities, speed, attack speed, damage, etc. because those don’t really bother me, I use effective and weakened in my build so I tear through the resists and immunities. Point being, rerolling your maps saves you a ton of time, and always shooting for pack size gives you more loot and xp, and if you use a leech build, makes everything easier because you have tons of HP coming in. This all allows me to farm at floor 600 once I hit level 50 during my ascensions so that I’m farming for gear and crystals and leveling at the same time.

Last little tidbit is that I was using my dust to make eternals to convert to crystals on legend maps, but I haven’t had to do that for a few ascensions because the crystals have been pretty plentiful.


not a chance. dealer. the gold is far too important early on. smooth forward motions.

both heros first time ascend… thats how i roll. need lotsa gold.

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thank you so so much people for your tips. so far i haven’t put any in practice but i will. thanks a lot for everything. do you mind if i am going to come back asking for some quesitons if i’m going to have some?

thats what the forums be for… :slight_smile:

That’s how you use feats and maps wisely!! :sunglasses:. A lot of players dont know how to use their feats and maps to the fullest. Great job for sharing that infos to new players here :wink:. And one more thing if you are having a hard time collecting gold and exp, you can start by collecting all the adventure and satyr sets. They are the most useful items in terms of farming since you only need to remove some affix slots in exchange for better affixes.

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