Farming Build advices

I’m using a Wizz as main and Rogue as hireling. The rogue build is complete (at least I’m pretty pleased with it), but I didn’t made a farmer build yet. I was thinking on make a build with Eternalized+Crystaline+Mythical (now that we have Eternalized acessories). But looking for builds on forum I saw the Flash Fortune one, with Epiphany and farming affix on both chars. Would worth switch my build on hireling to make this? Or should I just build the Main and let the hireling full DPS?

It’s definately easier to get the main + dps hireling setup.
That said - the flash farmer build is probably a lot faster than most other set-ups. At least I hope so, as I’m trying to make the last two items for the build at the moment) :wink:

Can only get at 1000 floor but you can get eternalized MJ at lower floor

Horn will be the easy build for farming