Farming Build for Pve floors 800+: World of Plaigue

Hey again guys I’ve been on a hiatus from DQ, but I’m back with another build, this time a rogue farming build for higher floors, please note that the farming sets are all interchangeable, I went with 2x nadroji and crystalline, they can easily be substituted for eternalized if you want to.

Normally when running plagued you would want to go with a more traditional approach with high hp and elemental crit chance but for this build we aren’t fighting enemies the majority of the time.

You’re going to start off the floor refreshing stealth and kiting mobs together, and finally using whirling blades near the cartographer to take everything out in one giant plaigue dot. Make sure not to kill the enemies before you get to cartographer, because you’ll need the biggest plaigue multiplier you can get.

its recommended to not run this if you are planning on killing legend or mythic enemies, this is mainly for trying to find legendaries that appear on floor 1000+ such as the elements set gear.

Have fun seeing 5000B pop up


This is with only 6 or 7 enemies hit on floor 1100


nice Build. if you don’t need Experience, you can take off the Experience affix, unless you are working on the Experience Leader Board. oops, just noticed you are still leveling up, 91+.

if the Build is doing that good, then no problem, but the Eternal Tink has 3 Wizard Talents: Necrotic, Reclaim, & Wizardry, which a Rogue can’t use. the closer you get to floor 1000, the more you are going to want those extra 3 spaces to have affixes you can use.

Celerity only works on Boomerang, not Whirling Blades.

that Billion DMG from Poison, Toxic, Plagued, Druidic, & Blight looks really cool.


Yeah I only use the pet cause of Druidic affix, if I really put in the effort to min max it would be legend pet with CD CR Toxic 5000 dmg ect, omg don’t have that pet, and yes I reincarnated so It was originally 15% elemental critical.

The build doesn’t really need too much of a min max, there’s still a lot of room for improvement but I’m too lazy to get it properly min maxed

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I didn’t know about celerrity wow I should replace that

Celerity used to work with Whirling Blades, but speeding up the Chakrams return left holes in the whirling pattern that left monsters untouched. so it was changed to only work with Boomerang. there are a few interesting posts on the subject.

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