Farming Build: The Floor Sweeper (overhauled in post no. 52)

The Sweeper has come…

Just kidding. This is a farming build.


To whom is this build for?

For everyone who wants to farm very easy difficulty fast.

What does it give?

In ONE MAP, this Build can bring you:

~3,000,000 gold🤑


(Items emphasized:5 eternal legends and two crystal legends)

DISCLAIMER: none. Everyone hates disclaimers, right?:wink:

Plus you can have better results.
(I have accidentally deleted those pics)

Before going to the build, I want you to understand that certain perks will receive priority over the others:

1st Dealer = sell looted items for gold

2nd Fortunate = luck and gold + pick up radius

3rd Treasured = 300% crystal and eternal legend find rate

4th Accomplished
5th Enshrined
6th Hunter

The Build.



+Use amber to change your mainhand special to “knightscharge”.

+Use amber to change offhand special to “taunt”.

+Use beryll to get three lucks and three greeds to accomodate the averaging of farming stats when using hireling.

+I have maxed my stats to power(this part is up to you)

For old timers:

You may have noticed that I have skipped mythical and nadroji sets. The reason is simple. I have not noticed a dramatic benefit to using them. Instead I opted for:

Plagued = dmg+hp+armor

Satyr’s Spirit = extra mp(or hp when using blood magic) from gf

Faun’s Gift = extra hp from luck

How to use:

  • Most suited for solo farming
  • At Very Easy level
  • Maps Below 500
    *Even a warrior or rogue may do but the knightscharge mainhand special should remain

At the start of the game click skullshield(for extra damage and protection)

Use knightscharge to mow down the creeps. I preferred knightscharge because it dramatically increases movement speed plus excellent damage and decent cooldown.

To achieve the gold result above,
sell all the loots😁 from normal
(if any) to epic.

To achieve the eternal and crýstal legends result, use an imp pet to convert loot by setting the “pick up” in options to legend. This is slow if you don’t have a hireling that also uses imp.

The principle is there but, suggestions will be warmly welcomed.


Great build! Imma give this a try :rofl:

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Good build… thanks for sharing

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nice. I don’t know about this Build being useful for beginners unless they get a lot of Dust & Gold early in the game to even make it. on the other hand, it is very useful for every one to see what it takes to farm the lower difficulty levels.

I was PMing another player and one of the things shared was a Very Easy Difficulty Farm Build. although no screen shots were shown, it occurred to me that you need +812% Luck & Gold Find on your Equipment, and that takes up a lot of space!!! thx @NUIQUE for sharing! those Luck & GF take up space used for killing monsters, but then at Very Easy, they have a lot less HP than M3!!! I guess I need to go back to my Noob roots to make a good Very Easy Farm Build!!! :laughing:


My bad for stating it as “for newbies…”

But well, to make it clear. This is for newbies to look forward to. It is a build for speed clearing very easy maps while offering nearly all the benefits of mythic 3 maps.

It actually is advanced in some sense, and I apologize for that. You will get 1012% on both gold find and luck with this build.

The good thing is I have laid down a good farming build for newbies to look forward to.

To all readers who are unaware, remember that investing in “top shelf” (quoted from @Mr_Scooty) farming build is just as important as pve or pvp builds. My build will give you the foundation if you find it insufficient.

After all, your farming build is your only ticket to gathering all of your loots for your desired builds(arena rewards and HACKING aside - the latter being a quick fix and an instant ticket to banned league😲).

Thanks for the correction @Golem!


You are correct. The slots for the gold find and luck take up spaces but at very easy levels, the monsters will instantly die on contact with this build. No need for too much damage here😉

Just retested. This build should allow you to comfortably sweep farm up to lvl 550 very easy difficulty.

The stones, crystals, and items there are sweeeet!

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Every body clap your hand :clap: for @NUIQUE
Thankyou for sharing farm build. Couz like open minded for awile. :point_down:


Any way thank for sharing.:ok_hand:


Welcome :handshake: @MarveLouz in the forums.


Welcome to the forum @MarveLouz!

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sometimes I get the need to make an Epic Affix Build of some kind. with only Epic Affixes!!! my most recent Epic Affix Build was to take a look at Bleed Chance & Bleed DMG. most of my Epic Builds were for PVP, and those actually did pretty good, and the rest were to take a look at certain combinations of affixes.

for Beginners, Normal & Epic Affixes are all they have, especially when they use the lower Crystals they have access to. not to mention the rare random Legend Item they might find, but not really understand how to use it in a Build.

I remember when I was a Noob and reading the Forums looking for ideas and help. and wondering how I was ever going to be able to make some of the 'Beginner" builds! because as soon as you have a Build with a Crystal Affix or Myth Stone that isn’t one of the first 8 on the list, or requires a CS or MS past the first 8 to make, it isn’t a Beginners Build at all! but now I have a better understanding of what a Beginner needs to become a DQ Veteran!


Thankyou @HawkEye and @NUIQUE


@Golem I’m tempted to make a build with no mythic. Be we already did with our deadly sins build . A point to reflect upon.


Currently using it, but I changed the skills though. But still using the crystal GF & Luck. Those crystal affixes really saves up slots for other farming related affixes like item drop, pickup radius, fortune, etc…



You can vary it to your own liking as it is not one of those strict pve/pvp builds.

Have you tried crafting maps already?

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Yep. I always use larimars on maps to get pack size and then diamond to roll atleast 130%



130% pack size rare(yellow) map is good enough to get the above results already.

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Noooooooo!!! now I want to make my own Very Easy Floor Sweeper Farm Build!!! :mage: :crossed_swords: :corn:

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Larimar rare enemies onto maps to increase enslavers.

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