Farming Build [Warrior] Fortune Bringer

Cronos how come ur items sets are saying (5) when u just wearing 1 or 2 pairs? Like the satyrs… I tried not wearing my satyrs but the numbers only depend on how many am wearing. Unlike urs. How? Lol sorry noob here

It’s because he has +2 all sets on amulet and ring :slight_smile:

Ohhh so thats the purpose of +2 xD thanx! So how does that work u still gotta complete the set and have it in your inventory?

How it work. If you have 1x 2+ all sets your set number X [1] turns into X [3]. X is the set (such as satyrs spirit)

If you capped all sets to 4+ all sets (by using 2 all sets affixes), your set X [1] turns into X [5] because 1+2+2= 5 .

[5] on a set affix (nadroji for eg) is extremely useful. It is worth maybe 2 and a half affix slot or maybr even more. If I say that, [8] on a set affix is worth 3 affix slots but you have to take up more space to get it though. However [5] is worth 2 and half affix slots and only require one set affix with 2× all sets affix capped.

Just a follow up question cuzeg. Does the set bonus apply?

Set bonuses apply when you have enough slot for that set. For eg, to use nadroji bonus, you need to sacrifice 2 set affix slot for the bonus to activate . Also no two nadroji bonuses can’t activate at once so you can’t have 200% enemy rarity like that from my experience.

For druidic bonus, you need to sacrifice 4 set affix slot by making druidic be there. For epiphany bonus though, you don’t actually need a set for it to activate though you need a set to be able to reach the requirement.
For epiphany bonus, all you need is 70% attack speed on gear and epiphany set affix for that to happen.

As you can see, most bonuses aren’t worth it because they sacrifice potential set affix slots just to activate. All sets cannot force the bonus to activate as well but the only way you activate a bonus is fulfill a requirement such as use 4 druidic (meaning have 1 head , 1 chest, 1ring, 1 amulet have druidic set affix) to activate the bonus.
Epiphany bonus is probably the only truly viable bonus because it doesn’t require you to sacrifice many set affix slots but to use epiphany and get 70% attack speed on gear.

Well my items now is

plagued wand
Plagued book thing lol
Aftermath robe
Equality crown
Nadroji ring with +2 mythston
Druidic amulet

So basically they all (5) on the sets… But are the set effects applying?

The sets themselves are applying, but the bonuses are not. If they were, they’d be a greenish-teal color instead of grey. See the affix “Patience” in the third image here.

For bonuses that say you must have X of the set equipped, that means you need that many items with the set on them. That’s not the same as having the number in parentheses be big enough. In your case, all four of your bonuses require 4 of the set. You only have 1 druidic, 1 aftermath, and 2 plagued.

Thats what @CuzegSpiked was trying to tell you!

how is it possible to increase the number in front of the set affixes? as an example (5) Mythical

You need to have either two - “set numbers +” legend affix at +2 or two socketed elixer in your to jewelries, ie ring and amulet, so that you can achieve +5 set affix. One from the set affix and two +2 all sets=5

Note that the legend affix set numbers+ cannot be rolled through ruby crystals, and must be crafted only from nadroji’s crystal(amulet) and stone of nadroji(ring).

Is this build still viable? Is averaging still done before capping?

No capping is now done before averaging :smile:

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Crap, that explains a lot :grin:

Haha yup glad I could help out :smile:

sir do you have the full spec of green garden for warrior? or either effective pve build that can handle 1k up floors?

Do you know if map bonus is added after averaging?

Let’s say you have 650 luck on main that is divided by 2 (because of hireling) = 325.

325+350(m3 bonus) would be enough to cap

No, map bonus is added before averaging, but there are 2 map bonuses: one from the actual difficulty you are playing on right now and one from the last difficulty your hireling played on, so your example is kinda true.

Was it? :wink:

Yup. It was worth it at the time. Still, fortune Bringer is alright nowadays if you want to farm floor 2000 say or floor 1500 with pure DPS hirling. All you need is a decent amount of luck and item drops with epiphany. Also this build can do ok with Arcanist + ascendant to assist high DPS farm build hirling or pure DPS hirling. See @f00kee warrior in the Poison Enchantress build for reference.

It’s not worth building a fortune Bringer now but you can still add at least 4× legend item drops, 2 or 1× crystal affix with some epic affixes, 1 pickup radius, eternalized with crystalline, Arcanist and ascendant on general farm builds. Fortune 20 too and epiphany (5) with some ascension perks. Fortune bringer can have DPS affixes with the new changes for a little DPS with hirling

The hirling also needs 2× luck crystal affix, 4× legend item drops , epiphany (5) (optional) but the rest of affixes for that hirling can be ascendant +arcanist and some other DPS affixes.

Or the hirling is pure DPS with Arcanist and ascendant.

I still use fortune bringer ATM and it’s definitely living up to it’s name.

This thread below has the warrior build fookie uses as well as the poison enchantress build.