Farming Build [Warrior] Fortune Bringer

Okay first this build designed to be the king riding horse. by using sprint and talent prayer heal 20% hp. harmony mythic on head heal vice verse heal effect by 25%. Equal Hp/Mp by equivalent to reduce damage taken by 50% of hp/mp equivalent. (will be like perma effect since prayer and harmony keep both pool full.) using provocation for chance taunt. also OH special taunt. take all monstet bow to him. and let my hireling DPS build to kill it since this build are just for buffing Luck,G.Find and Item drop.

*I didt know that crafting Farming build cost insanely alot of crystal and item and really really annoying when getting not needed affix.

wasting 7 Obsidian. 3 Amethyst, 27 ruby, and alot other Ultra rare crystal to convert coz leak of ruby. losing 3 Nadroji stone and 4 nadroji crystal because obsidian give non farming affix (Luck & Gold find)

*** My first proper farming build. and hope the cost of making is worth it.



  1. this setup for main toon or hireling ?
  2. Can wrath talent be used instead of prayer ? Or prayer is a must ?
  3. How far can this setup goes ? (floor and difficulty)
  1. Ofcoz it for main lol. Set affix only effect from main toon. I hope that it will effect from hireling on upcoming patch 2.1 lolol

2.This build need prayer. spamming sprint (using OH) trigger effect of prayer. heal 20% hp. Heal hp trigger effect Harmony. withis will heal mp by 25% of total amount hp healed by prayer. this how u keep both Hp/Mp at full to take full benefit of Equivalent (reduce famage taken by 50% of hp/mp equivalent and reduce spell cost by 50% "Current hp/mp equivalent "so basicly only at full hp/mp i take that full benefit.

3.not try yet on High floor tho since i just manage to complete it. and only try ob lower floor. but i guess how far this build can go is depending on how insane your hireling dps. u can play at normal difficulty tho with this build + hireling.

ahaha, I thought this one for hireling because I see you’re using 3 crystal affix Luck and 3 crystal affix Gold Find for capping them, since bonus from Difficulty doesn’t affect (or display bug?) those stats for hireling.

I didn’t notice Crystalline and Mythical set affix before :joy:

BTW don’t you think it’s a a bit overkill using all crystal affix for Luck and Gold Find ? Since we can still obtain those from Difficulty, Nature and Hero Point Fortune (if you prefer though :laughing: )

Basically it’s the same setup that I use for my hireling, except the Harmony part, nice idea :innocent:
Oh and I’m using Cyclone for sucking all enemies closer :smile:

thank you for sharing :grinning:

There is something im curious and not understand tho. recently i just found/Know that average happen before map buff added.
some example for what i not understand.
Gold Find
×3 Crystal affix = 675%
Eternal pet G.Find = 150%
×3 greed Nature = 75%
×3 Epic affix = 225%
20 Heroic fortune = 52%

Total 1172% Gold find.

So does the average devide all the count into 2. or Only take 650% max cap. and the rest not count.

@Refia can u answer this if u know.

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i try to get all Farming affix with just single toon (to cover my hireling as i need my hireling go full DPS.

Getting those ×3 luck ×3g.find is like invest for more useful thing in future lol.

also, what about boost ?
If we have max gold find and luck, does boost still needed ? :grin:
Is it still affect or hit the cap ?

i dont know lol. need to wait someone who know this thing deeply to answer.

from “Caps” thread:

Fortune Hero skill still has an effect over cap but any over cap won’t be visible in Stats.
Boosts still have an effect over cap (?)

@clogon feel free to confirm/amend if needed.

How much good are you getting per map between what and what?

its not a farming build if it not help getting goods. lol

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FML I mean gold*… Lol -_-

700k-1m sometime over

I think gf% do stack over because I’m just a little over 650% and I’m getting from 300–800k

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what difficulty u play.? for me if i want to farm gold. i will just use my dps toon and make warrior as hireling and just play on mythic 3.

I’m playing on m3 also around floor 300 plus

try map 500+

I have trouble killing mythic and sometime legends. On 500+

i see… i use greengarden as main, that build damage really dont have limit when it stop. the higher floor i go using it the higher damage output it release. at first when i just create that build. the monster i kill have low hp. so they got killed before damage from blight multiplying. at high floor that damage will be seen and slowly increased

I see will I don’t have the right dps gear yet on my hireling to carry me on higher floors. Still working and cs/ms…