Farming crystals

Hello guys ,how are you? Its me again. I just want to ask if how can I get more crystals? Im currently at floor 570 at easy difficulty. Thank you in advance

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get your Luck to +650%. with Fortunate Perk you can get it to +850%. add Epiphany (5) Set for +1012% Luck. with Item Drop +200% you can increase the number of Crystals that drop when they drop. with Accomplished Perk, you can finish the Pick Up Crystal Feat faster for a Crystal Drop reward. Crystalline (5) Set increases the chance for Crystals to drop by +350%. killing monsters faster seems to improve the treasure they drop. Epic+ monsters, especially Legend & Mythic monsters, seem to have a better chance to drop Crystals & Myth Stones.

another way is to have your Gold Find as high as your Luck. this way, if you need a high tier Crystals faster than you can farm it, you can use Gold to improve lower tier Crystals to higher tier Crystals.

you can also use Gold to buy a random Crystal in the Shop. the price depends on if you are buying Common, Rare, or Ultra Rare Crystals.

also, for the Rare & Ultra Rare Crystals, floor 500-510 is best, as going higher has the same drop chances but tougher monsters.

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Thank you , I thought if i could go higher it will drop more often. I have crystalline but i dont have epiphany yet

Heyy broo how about increasing ur game difficulty like every 20 floors i think you’ll get more crystals

Really? Okay Im going to do it thank you for the help

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difficulty doesn’t have an effect like that. the only thing using a harder difficulty does is you need less Luck & Gold Find on your gears to reach cap, and make monsters tougher. some players will just farm for Crystals & Myth Stones on Easy or Very Easy on floor 500, as the monsters are easer to kill.

there are some posts that mention some floors have better loot drops than others (usually for Gold), but Crystals & Myth Stones have a set drop rate that is improved as mentioned in my earlier post.

if you have the Accomplished Perk, you need 25% lower requirements to finish the Feats, so the Monster Feats that get you up to Mythic Monster is really helpful, as Epic+ Monsters have better Crystal & Myth Stone Drop rates (a little better) and the Hunter Perk/Ring causes each Shrine & Pool to summon +1-3 Epic Guardian, which speeds up the Feats for getting Epic, Legend, & Mythic Monster Feats and their rewards. Enshrined Perk gives an extra Shrine while boosting the power of the Shrines except for the Orange Monster Shrine (it still only summons 1 Epic Guardian, +1-3 if you have Hunter Perk/Ring).


Thank you for the help guys, Im using my rouge at it is at floor 280 so im gonna grind till floor 500 my luck is cap at 1112% drop rate 205 am I correct?

I mean 205 percent my gold find or gold drop is like 500% maybe is gold find matter on getting crystals?

if you want to just farm for Crystals, you don’t really need Gold Find, but having Gold lets you get Crystals in the Shop and lets you upgrade lower tier Crystals & Myth Stones to higher tiers if you want something faster than you can farm for it (like for the Ultra Rare ones when you are Crafting).

Thank youuu

Can i ask another question? What is better at richochet build crushing blow or bleeding? Im using bleeding hehe

they both have a % chance to happen (Warrior Scalp is 100% chance to cause Bleed)

Bleeding does the same damage as the attack that caused it, and Ricochet/Flintlock is one of the lowest damage skill/weapon while having a high DPS. having a bleed damage +50% or two can improve things.

Crushing Blow reduces an enemies HP/Health by 25% of it’s current health, so eventually it loses effectiveness when an enemies HP gets really low, but is good for lowering an enemies HP fast at the beginning of battle. using Crushing Flames Set is the only thing that improves Crushing Blow’s damage.

you could experiment with both or even use both together.

since using Ricochet with +4 Multi Attack with Crushing Blow and +60% Attack Speed could lower an enemies HP really fast, it might be more effective than Bleed (and I don’t know if Crushing Blow can cause Bleed) but when the HP gets lower, the extra damage from Bleed can help get the last few HP to zero.

Thank you for the help, my cd reduction is at 75 percent but attack speed is like 10 percent can I get attack speed in obsidian crystal?

there are 20ish Crystal affixes. Attack Speed is one of them.

Thank you ,I did the build with crushing blow and bleeding together with crashing flames and crashing flames bonus with.immolate it is not perfect yet but i can say it is good kind of build im using it at 300 plus floor m3 difficulty

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I will say this, keep an eye on the shop after every floor you complete for intresting offers, like ultra rare crystal offers and high level myth stones, and ledgendry items. The the crystals have a decent chance of giveing you even a obsidion crystal, and the myth stones, all be it ive noticed far less common, has the potential of giveing you some of the highest level mythstones in the game, meaning faster elixer mythstones. And ledgends in the shop have a chance of coming out as a eternal or crystal eternals even, and van be made into ledgend dust or converted to a ultra rare myth stone.

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Ive actualy done testing on the shop and have bought out the entire shop on multiple ocasions, and can comfirm even a grey teir item has a chance of upgradeing all the way to eternal qhen purchased, their dosent seem to be any real ryhme or reason to it other than it will never go down a rareity. But i will say that while it will get you alot of crystals and ledgend dust, its to cost ineficent, at least with my build, to be a worth while farming strat. But i theorize that this plus a little boost from a decent farming build, is the most powerfull dust farm the game could offer if you repetitively speed ran floors. But again, teribly cost in efficent and its not a garentee your pur haces will upgrade all the way to ledgend or etenral.

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Thank you for the help hehe

Luck & Farming Sets have an effect on the Shop. using the Shop a lot is one reason for having a max Gold Find on your Farm Build.

one strategy is to only get the expensive things in the Shop when you are Farming with your Amazing Farm Build.