Farming for money

Recently I started a new Warrior and i’m still on a stage of getting onehitted now and then, but with 150k dps at floor 70, im mostly owning.
Now the rerolls for legends are quite expensive, so I need lots of money. So I am here to get suggestions not only on what to do, but also on what builds to use, weather or not to kill normal mobs (not magic and rare), weather to focus on drop rate, luck, or gold find, wheather to do high ep with less luck, or lower ep with more luck…

Just post answers to those questions and add your own and I will compile them to a guide, once I can use my computer again…
Post pictures of your moneymaking build if possible and ADD SUGGESTIONS OF YOUR OWN!

P.s: ive searched the forum a little but have not found any “deep” guides on moneymaking.

this. is. AWESOME!


Well to farm money, i would suggest you to create an epic build (6 items crafted) with +50% Gold Find/ +50% luck on each pieces
Or you can even mix them with the “Fortuna” legend sets

But there isn’t a known place where we can farm gold more than in others places ^^

the higher the ilvl item the more gold its worth… i set my imp to pickup blues… takes me about maybe 10 mins to fill my bags with yellow+ items getting about 125k-200k per bag selling all that i pick up…i dont see a use for a hound u get more $ from items then money i usually leave all the gold stacks on the ground faster grinding ect… but i dont think getting money should be hard… and to me personally it isnt… 4 bags almost 500k-700k per all 4 bags doesnt seem that hard to get gold. but lower levels OBV just run to the next floor if u can more Ilvl more gold items are worth it seems like

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Well… I think you actually make more money by picking up blues yourself! Btw I use fairy, as I use bloodknight set and the heal you get is quite useful.

this. is. AWESOME!

Use imp, and set ur options to pick up rare+
That way ur imp get all normal/magic and makes rares with them… Almost all the time with epic affixes wich are more valuable

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the money is not a real problem to get imho.

what i did on my warrior:

  1. Equip the most +luck items you have and go to ep1
  2. Any pet you like (with +luck as well)
  3. Pick an item with Wrath on it. Mobs will mostly get 1-shotted if you have good dps.
  4. Pick a horn to move fast.
  5. Rush lvls 180-200 or random maps (if you handle them easily) from one rare/magic enemy to the other one.
  6. Just pick items - dont care about gold piles.

When you fill up your inventory, sell all the stuff.

BTW, this is the fastest way to get more legendaries as well imho.

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Finishing your Challenges…it has plus bonus on your luck,gold finds,etc…the higher the enemy power the higher the item drops and luck…

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Challenges from normal-legendary…act 1-4…