Farming for specific item/help

Hi all,
I wanna get my rogue STARTED on this build

For that purpose, I’m trying to get this:

I’m thinking that map lvl 101+/mythic 3, just rushing to the cartographer would be most efficient?
Map lvl 101, cause someone wrote that you get ilvl 100 items from that point (in case an eternal version drops), but also to ‘weed out’ the chances for drops that requires higher map lvls.
Mythic 3 for the extra luck, since I’m in no way capped on that stat.
Anything else you think I should consider?

*edit Seems floor 101 is no guarantee to get ilvl 100 items - forgot that;)

I would suggest simply farming on the highest floor you can while rushing to the cartographer as the chance won’t change to get it and you’ll get better other drops while you’re searching :smile:

It’s a very common drop. Even the eternal version drops a lot. You will likely get several to chose from. Best of luck :smile:

Aight - let’s see what the rng gods says about this one then;)