Farming on high floors

smokebomb blind enemies and dodge atks after casting smoke… getting 50% smokebomb proc is also viable for survival though its not as safe as stealth but it can be
an option if u dont have high lvl stealth(if ur not rogue)

Spam smoke bomb use Darkness talent for rouge well it depends on how you use it and your build :smiley: im using that technique right now so I suggest it :wink: and they already explain save me some time to type lol! :grin:

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i have tried the “kill them before they do anything” strategy

i switched to epic from myth3. monsters melt like butter. the problem remains, i still die. those ranged monsters get to me b4 i get to them they just shoot so far and so many i cant sidestep all of those. Cast skills makes me sitting duck for a split second too. With so many projectiles, that split second is enough to kill me.

i think i need to change my skills. right now i have manashield+shatter, and blast, twister. my main dmg is twister, it is strong and has huge area but slow to reach ranged monsters. ive watched a video of a wizard. i think it was the manic macross missile massacre madness. the way he dealt with those pesky ranged units, is having a fast projectile. I dunno why his barrage is so fast. He also have the berserker set and ascendant to freeze or stun. Im not sure if he has high elem crit. if i can make my twister move that fast, it would solve my problem.

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Smoke Bomb is the bomb.


I’ve never actualy used the skill

It’s the bomb.


the bomb kaboom!


Can you screenshot your Devil pillar cos i have a problem on mine building it.
Does it need a Vampiric Touch ?

Devilpillar is basically these builds below but you can change their elements to Fire and their sets for fire:

This build can be turned into devilpillar by changing Arcanist and Ascendant to Vampiric Touch and Inferno.

Technically my Seasonal Maidens’ Build can be devilpillar too by using all Fire (but I called it Wildfire​ Summer Maiden

Basically Devilpillar is about hit frequency orb discordance build which can be wizard of rogue (usually pure fire). Superhigh hit frequency by orb+cosmic orb, very high Billions DMG , Immolate and Blistering Bleed.

Here’s a great example of Devilpillar video.

Devilpillar is Inferno+Vampiric Touch+ Blistering and Elemental Crit.
Vollstandig more (shock) is sets that are best suited for bleed shock build but with high hit frequency orbs and stack Debuff, high voltage. If you had hirling , stack Debuff on both characters can seriously give you crazy DMG.

Frozen Mode is self explanatory.

Poison Mode is plagued and whatever else you choose.

Pure arcane mode is Arcanist and ascendant (ascendant for the weakening aspect and goes with Arcanist for any build but just as good on arcane+orbit build).

Of course you can also have elemental varients like Fire+ shock (could be stack Debuff hirling and pure fire main or main with fire and shock elements with high voltage and bleed which can also use explosions for spike damage). Ice+shock is either stack Debuff hirling with full ice Main or Main character with High Voltage and Frozen with Frostbiting but that mode is kind of redundant sometimes.

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Does Vampiric touch is good than Demonic ? Cos i think Vampiric touch’s Extra Hp health will not work because of glasscannon and btw i dont have a bleed chance to take the bleed damage on Vampiric touch.

Vampiric Touch is for the bleed damage on fire builds. Also they can work together Vampiric Touch and Demonic . Glasscannon is good idea on high floor as investing in HP for floors above 1000 would take up an entire build so much that it reduces damage potential a lot.

How about Demonic and Inferno ?

Demonic is a generic DMG set that increase all DMG like Momentum but it only activates if enemy below 30% HP. It’s basically like Relentless Talent but in a set.
I think Demonic is generally a must have in any build and as an alternative to momentum if you’re not willing to spend affix slots for move speed.

Demonic with inferno and Vampiric Touch is indeed a possible combination. It’s pretty good actually but you give it a try to see if you like it or not. Vampiric Touch increases bleed DMG by 125% at (5) as well as HP by 125% (it isn’t 12.5% per rank like codex says). This means bleed can deal effectively 2.125× more damage than say the attack that initiates the bleed. For example if you did Blistering 300%, you’re already dealing 300% DMG of Immolate in bleed form. With Vampiric Touch, that effectively doubles the potency. Combined with Crits and Deadly strike and a recipe for easy destruction (there’s a reason why bleed was so OP at arena because Vampiric Touch increased it by 75% and Blistering with inferno+Immolate).

Demonic great too. I think Demonic could do spike DMG with Crits and Deadly strikes. You need enemies below 30% HP but when you do, it’s great damage.

Demonic is easy 100% DMG which does require 30% HP or below enemies but if you can do that easily, it’s still a good set. In PvP it’s definitely great too if you’re a DPS build like Will of the Force.

But the reduced healing in Demonic is great for high floors as well ,especially for rapid crushing blow as sometimes enemies can Regen what you crush them with.

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