Farming on high floors

Im currently at floor 830, tying to get to 1000 for the new items using a wiz main with full farming affixes and a rogue hireling with full damage, that combo gives me 940% luck and 1010% gold find while clearing pretty fast. What do you use for farming above 600?
Btw is floor 800 packsize bug fixed?

Floor 800 bug?

How many legands and gold do you per floor with those numbers ?

hmm didnt know der was a bug on packsize 800… i always use packsize map never encountered any bug except for the freakin zombies lel. i stop floorhiking for now (floor1876m3 atm) focus on farming around 1k-1.1k floor im still hunting the eternalize amulet been week already still didnt get one but luckily i already got the eternalize ring.@Dust i use warrior farm set/rogue dps as hireling. been planning to start hiking again once i got my hand on that amulet lel.

@Zombikiss w/1k+ GF and 250%droprate/850-900+luck w/ packsize 130-150%
minimum gold would be around 1.2m-2.5m+
also depends on maps luck%/goldfind% /item drop%

Main:Fortune Bringer (Stock mode)
Hireling: Devil Pillar (Revenge Mode)

Farming Floor: 1000+ (pack size map)


The bug he mentioned is starting from floor 200 already. What is the bug? Maps higher than floor 200 have significantly less mob density even with maxed pack size on challenge maps.

About builds I have maxed luck/gold/item drops + farming sets and pickup radius on every item possible. Hireling is there only to kill epic+ monsters. “Trash mobs” die easily from my main with plagued + arcanist even though i have really low dps on main (knightscharge 10m).


@Msiiek i see tnx for the info dude. i have no idea lol.

Apperently only like 2.5-3.5 m gold (only one char with dealer) and like 5-10 legend items

Dang. I only have one toon and going from floor 400-500 I get a few 100k and 1 maybe 2 legands a floor.

Is there a way without a hireling? How about the worms hiw to kill them?

1)sadly no
2)I use reflect to kill them :3

@kevs926 when u got decent build u can almost kill everything but when ur stil starting out the worm definitely gona give u hard time since its freakin tough. (i feel u i also got problem w/ them b4 when i was juststarting suddenly pop behing me then booom)

solution : worms has high resist against lightning element (use other element except lightning) its weakness is poison element.

having ignore resist affix really inc ur dmg output against mobs w/ great immunities.

try goin ice build w/ 30-60% elemcrit it will greatly inc ur survival since u can almost froze every mob in map.

The problem i have with them specifically, vs other monsters is that they cant be stun or taunt. Twister stun taunt allows me to kill anything on 1v1. Im unlucky once. I spawned a legend worm took me 10 mins to kill it. I was forced to use another impromptu build to kill it. Cuz permastun didnt work. How do u kill those worms without ever taking a hit? What skills allow u to cast on it without taking a hit? Do i need a 2nd set of gear just to deal with it? One shot of them kills me.

My hireling just spams ricochet and the worm dies before it even gets out of the earth completely

best way to deal with it @kevs926 is just keep on farming so that u can earn crystals and make a decent build. when u get stronger
dey will mostly die b4 dey touch u.

stealth is the best skill for survival.
shieldwall is also viable also but u stil dies if u cant tank the hit

@roykiyoy yeah i guess, for now im avoiding them but if im forced to fight them (ex. the mythic worm spawn) then i will even if it will take 30mins to kill. im currently farming cognition and boundless cap @ 400+ myth3

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smoke bomb :smile:

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Explain please?

Yup. Smoke screen strategy where your smoke bomb procs continuously to protect you from enemy strikes,blind enemies and even make them lose sight of you. Nice for classes that can’t perma stealth for eg. Don’t need smoke screen set to do this. Not sure if it blinds worms but it can make you dodge their attacks frequently with some control, along with high dodge of your own and maybe sanctuary.

Depends on build but smoke bombs :slight_smile: .