Farming Rogue and legendary affixes to look out for

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I’m currently working on improving my outdated Poison Rogue and replacing him with a build better suited for farming since floors 800+ m3 give me quite a headache. Since I haven’t really kept up with new affixes etc. for the last ~10 months, I don’t really know what the best affix combinations for clearing high floors are.

That being said, there seem to be decent warrior builds (shock bleed) and mage (freeze) for clearing 1000+, but I haven’t seen any rogue builds.

So what’s the best rogue build for farming right now/ what are the best talent combinations? Is there any way to build around the bomb off-hand since that’s my favourite?

And on another note: what legendary affixes should I be looking out for? Apart from the obvious ones like +100% WD and stun/taunt immune…, what are affixes that are only obtainable theough drops - and for what classes/slots do they drop?

And one last question: I found a mythical eternal legend and used the mythstones for the brutal mythical and it didn’t actually transform into a mythical, but was just stuck with those 4 sockets.

PS: I found an eternal pet with electrified with REALLY good affixes, so if there are any good electrified builds, let me know!


I think the best rogue build for 1000+ floors is MAYHEM PROJECT build, which focuses on perma Stealth for survivability and then on Druidic, Plagued and other multiplication affixes for dmg.

The best farming build IMHO is still the Flash Farmer. Nothing can beat 1012% luck and gold find, 350% item drops + Nadroji, Eternalized and Crystalline. You do have to pay for a wizard hireling though.

Good affixes that are obtainable only from drops include ie. Seven Deadly Sins and Cerebral Vortex. If you want to know all of them you can find it here:

If you are crafting a Mythic, always look to the codex Mythics tab if it can be crafted on an item you want it on. For example Brutal can be crafted only on chest.

I really like Fookee’s Miss Fortune for clearing high floors

I agree with what @dust stated. Any build by @f00kee is top shelf. His Miss Fortune is an awesome farmer.


You’ll probably want a hoe and a shovel.

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Meh, I play Nasus anyways.

Vladimir, 'yo.

*I’m a teemo main… Suppose it’s similar to a terminal main XD

The heart is the strongest muscle - support main ^^

Can’t go wrong with Sona.

Too bad about Soraka.

Aram junkie here… No main just have fun melting everyone since I own all champs… Breaknex is my name there

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