Fast Leveling Build - Wizard PVE

Hello guys, I created a build which main objective is to level up fast. I used skull and gauntlet but u can chose weapon which is most comfortable for you. Important think is to exp on fire mobs because fire element gives you necessary resist. With the same bonuses applied to 1lvl wizard eq I got 70lvl in 4min 35s.

Also in few days I will post my speedrun challange 1lvl to 99 :slight_smile:


Lol what a strange build :slight_smile:

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the build I was using to Ascend my second Wizard was all level 1 gears like this, except it was all Myth Stones and Mythic affixes. the pet I used was eventually level 100, so I could only use it when the Hireling got to level 50. yes, I know his gears are level 100, but my set up worked out pretty good. 30% Dodge total and Sanctuary farming for experience on floor 110 was good. when going over floor 300+, started to die more often, so just stayed on the lower floors.

Edit: here is the build I made for my Hirelings to use leveling up.

Earthquake Gauntlet L1 (only used Twister with A.I.)
Earthquake, +30% Exp Gain, +2 All Skills (not sure about this, I took something out and there is a socket here), +40% Item Quantity, +50% Dmg, +2% HP on Hit.

Nova Orb L1 (only used Teleport with A.I.)
Nova, 10% Crushing Blow, +10% All Proc, +40% Item Quantity, +30% Exp Gain, +50% Dmg.

Blood Magic Robe L1
Blood Magic, +25% Total HP, +30% Weaken, +30% Exp Gain, +30% Item Quantity, +15% Reduced CD.

Recover Hat L1
Recover, +25% HP, +15% Reduced CD, +30% Weaken, +30% Item Quantity, +30% Exp Gain.

Effective Ring L1
Effective, +15% Reduced CD, +30% Weaken, +30% Item Quantity, +40% Exp Gain, +10% Move Speed.

Sanctuary Amulet L1
Sanctuary, +2% HP on Hit, +40% Exp Gain, +30% Weaken, +30% Item Quantity, +15% Reduced Cd.

Pet Fairy L100 (not all affixes maxed out yet, next hireling job to raise the Pets affixes)
+15% Crit Chance, +7202 HP, +75% Crit Dmg, +75% Luck, +10% Crushing Blow, +8.4 Dodge.