Fast Leveling Guide

My friend who’s the one introduce this game to me send me this Beginner Leveling Guide. But d*NM the materials it uses are so high that I think even beginners can’t even get.

Im level 99 now. And before I reborn my character, I will build a leveling set or just go for seven deadly sin set if I got to know the options of its pet the temperance and gluttony.

By the way, my character is wiz. So help me please.

I think , Bloodmagic + masochism will work good
Even make unlimited cast for ricochet,and using cruishing flame bonus to drain your enemy HP fast
Include pathfinder and dode affix
Just ops

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I recommand Skilled, cheapest&effective for bow. In my opinion u dont need that many mythics, many affixes are already good enough at low floors. Just pick some good gears, delete what u dont need, add some good epic affixes or some mythstones like resourceCost clearcast
Enthusiastic to help :kissing_heart:

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I was playing DQ for awhile before I got serious about it. by that time, I had enough Dust to get the Items I wanted to start my Ascending/Leveling with (my plan at that time was to get all 6 Perks for my Wizard).

by the time I had gotten my sixth Perk, I had changed 2 Items, and changed most of the affixes on all of the Items, either from testing or improving the Build. plus I had 3 Sets of Items, level 1, 40, and 100. if you are not going for Perks, you don’t really need all of those exp, since you are only going to level 99 once.

you should take off the +15% exp on the hat and put something else there (+200% Cap, unless using Epiphany Set). put a +5000 ED+ on the cap instead, and take off the +5000 WD+ on the Pistol and replace it with a +30% exp MS. then you could take off the +15% exp from the OH and replace that with +5000 ED+ also. you go from +5000 damage to +10,000 damage.

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